Behold, the iPhone 6 is upon us

I know you’ve all been waiting for literally ever for this article so let’s get right into it. Here’s everything you need to know about the iPhone 6 and the 6+


They ditched the blocky iPhone 5s style frame and went for something rounded on all edges. The 4.7″ version of the iPhone 6 is going to be less than 7mm thin making it the thinnest iPhone of all time. To put that into perspective, your old Motorola Razr v3 was larger in some aspects. Interestingly enough, there was no discussion of the sapphire screen so it looks like it didn’t make this model of the iPhone? Probably it’s going to come around in time for the 6S and the 6S+ so keep an eye out in spring.

​iPhone 6: A Little Bit Bigger, A Whole Lot Better


The screens got an upgrade too in the form of RETINA HD and a larger screen size. Right now the market is all about making screens bigger and what better way to do than than increase the screen size and boost the pixel density. In the advent of 4k and 5k pixel screens, we’re going to start seeing major changes in terms of screen technology. It looks like LG is still manufacturing the screens so hopefully the quality and reliability don’t go anywhere either.


For the last few weeks I’ve been blogging about how Apple wants to turn your iPhone into a digital wallet and guess what? That technology is officially here. They’re working with Nordstrom, Amazon, IBM, and a number of credit card companies and banks to make these kind of digital payments a reality right now. NFC Stands for “near-field-communication”  which basically allows you to transmit information from two points near each other wirelessly. Now the iPhone 6 has all the tools built in to help you make these transactions and use your fingerprint to authorize them. Check the pics below taken from the conference to get an idea of what their wallet will look like. There’s even a built in barometer to sense atmosphere changes (what????).

​iPhone 6: A Little Bit Bigger, A Whole Lot Better​iPhone 6: A Little Bit Bigger, A Whole Lot Better


The A8 Processor is here and better than anything we’ve seen before. The efficiency is guaranteed to reduce the battery usage greatly and it’s supposedly 25% more powerful than it’s preceding processor. The LTE network modem also got an upgrade which will support way more connectivity and a much faster downstream. The new technology should give us 3x faster network performance than what we’ve seen on the iPhone 5. With this feature and wifi built in, Apple has developed an app called WiFi Calling which will allow you to call from wifi connections as if you’re connected to a wireless data network.


If you’ve been keeping up with our blog you already know about the amazing camera that we’re going to get with the iPhone 6. It comes with an awesome new image stabilization feature that we haven’t seen before and 1080p recording. It records videos at 120-fps or 240-fps which is insanely fast for a camera this size and it has an 8-megapixel camera for taking photos (WOW!).


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