Top 5 Myths of Anti-Virus

ebola virus1. Myth: Only Windows PCs can get infected.
Truth: For a long time Windows owned the dominating market-share of operating systems. However, as Apple continues to grow both in residential and commercial systems, virus developers are stepping up their game to target Apple based systems. In other words whether you’re using iOS, OSX, or other platforms, you can still catch infections online and having a good anti-virus is the solution for every OS to prevent infections whilst online.

2. Myth: Slow computers or errors opening programs/webpages means I have an infection.
Truth: While those are good indicators that there could be an infection, it’s important not to disclude the possibility that your machine could be suffering from a dramatic loss of performance based on the amount of programs and applications you have running in the background. Bring your PC into our store to find out for sure. We also offer optimization services to fix slow running PCs and make them run like new again.

3. Myth: You can get all the antivirus protection you need from free programs downloaded from the web.
Truth: A lot of anti-virus’s online that you can get for free only offer basic protection against infections. In fact their databases usually lack upwards of 40% of known threats that other paid programs can afford you. Another element to that reality is the fact that many paid providers also offer a free version which offers 1/10 of the protection you would receive with their flagship product.

4. Myth: Viruses are written by AV companies
Truth: There is some truth to that myth in fact but most viruses are in fact written by hackers who are looking to make money off of web advertising or identity theft. It’s therefore critical to watch out and keep a close eye on your personal information and what you release online.

5. Myth: Viruses can infect humans
Truth: No.

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