Never overpay for Electronics Again!

We all love technology and everybody wants to have the latest and greatest right? There’s nothing like unboxing a first of it’s kind iPhone or graphics card for your PC but you have to ask yourself, are you overpaying for technology? If you’re like most people, you buy it when you want it, not when the cost becomes reasonable. Here’s a few websites you can use to beat the retail game and pocket yourself some awesome gear for cheap. Check it out:

computer repair in schaumburgCheck it out, gotApex has been around forever and yet nobody knows about it? It’s one of those hidden gems in vast online world that you may never come across and yet they find deals on everything! You can save yourself a lot of money and Apple products, high end PCs and Laptops as well as a ton of other things like dishwashers, TVs, printers, and even fitness equipment. If you buy love technology, you better send this site straight to the bookmark bar (use Chrome by the way, it’s better). I once found a deal online for Dell Inspiron laptops that had compatible chipsets for Apple iOS and I bought like 6 of them for $2000 and then turned them into ghetto Macbooks (still very cool and stronger than the competing macbooks of the time).

computer repair in schaumburgStraight from the top, this is a website that only offers one deal a day per category and thats it. It’s worth checking out because you can find some pretty amazing deals here especially where factory refurbished or reconditioned equipment is concerned. Seriously, I have bought iPad 2s on this website before for half off. You’ll want to hold onto this one to check up on it now and then.

deals on mac stuffHere’s one for all the mac and photography fan boys out there. This site manages to pump out more deals on Mac and photography related technology than any other I’ve seen. Most of the time you’ll find 15% off this or 10% off that which is not bad but if you stick with checking the site, usually you can find awesome Mac gear for very cheap almost weekly. I highly recommend you check this out if you’re a godless marauding Apple fanboy. Anyways, just like their logo says this site will teach you how to go broke on saving money.

tech bargainsThis is a site which offers a ton of computers, cell phones and more at like 5%-10% off prices and they want to mislead you into beleiving that those are “deals.” However, if you look through their site for anything that was manufacturer refurbished or on clearence, you can find some amazing equipement for very little money. The other day they were selling an awesome Asus Transformer tablet for nearly $100 and the week before that it was a Samsung Galaxy tablet for half off. One of my friends bought his Nexus on this site for $100 retail selling price so definitely give it a shot.

mall.images.generic.eCostNewLogoHere’s an epic site where you can find loads of quality deals and great pricing on PC equipment and phones. Realistically they have a huge line of up hard hitting deals on laptops, pcs, speakers, and flash drives. Be careful in the mac/apple section because that’s really just stuff posing as deals but the rest of the site is pretty cool. Right now you can buy an epic 27″ monitor for $179.99 down from $352 and if you check the reviews, it’s an awesome savings and if you’re trying to blow all of your money on electronics like us, this is a great place to start.

by the way, is not a deal site.. that is a 10% off site… seriously you’ll only save tax money so please do not comment about why this site wasn’t part of my superior list of deal sites.