Apple Announced the 12.9″ iPad

12.9" iPad airYes, you’ve read this correctly. Apple is releasing a new range of iPads that are absolutely massive. 13″ is about the same size as most Macbook Pros on the market and the size of the Macbook Air screen. The new iPad will have a 12.9″ Diagonally measured screen which may feature the soon to be released Apple sapphire glass. This may be a move by Apple to refresh the iPad market after it has gone south in terms of numbers over the last two quarters. That’s not to say that Apple is losing money on their iPads but sales are in fact worse than they have been before. We’ve hear rumors too that the upcoming iPad will feature a fingerprint reader on the home sensor and an super thin chassis like the iPad air (but thinner yet). The dates are currently set for 2015.

Keep an eye out for the soon to be relased iPad Air2. That’s coming up around the corner in this next month’s reveal of Apple’s new family of products.