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T-Mobile predicts the Wifi data market to go into warp speed

I couldn’t help but think of Star Trek when reading John Legere’s forward-looking post for next year. Published a short while ago, T-Mobile’s CEO outlines what he sees happening over the next twelve months in the wireless industry. It’s certainly worth a read and doesn’t stop with just mobile phones and carriers. Of particularly interest to us though is his take on the state of the wireless industry. With T-Mobile having kicked off the trend in 2013, carriers are now selling more subsidy-free phones than before. Around 41% of devices are being sold without subsidies, and it’s predicted that 2015 will see two thirds sold without subsidy, and more than half of US wireless customers will be contract-free. It’s clear then, that at least one of the Uncarrier moves is working. But it’s not the same for all the others. John ... Read more

Google Nexus 9 becomes available for T-Mobile

Google Nexus 9 Comes to T-mobile The moment has arrived! Google’s Nexus 9 tablet has now available to buy on T-Mobile’s online store. The latest tablet showed up on the store this morning along with the long-awaited “buy now” button. It costs $599.76 full retail price, or $24.99 per month on EIP with $0 down payment. This news comes as something of a surprise after T-Mobile informed its staff that the device launch was being postponed until further notice. Key spec include an 8.9-inch IPS LCD display, 64-bit NVIDIA K1 processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage as well as 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi technology. What’s more, an FCC filing indicates that it could be band 12 (700MHz) compatible. It supports all North American LTE bands, but no CDMA. It also hints that HTC has at least tested a 64GB model, despite the fact ... Read more

T-Mobile is about to blow up in Illinois

T-Mobile to get HUGE upgrades in Illinois T-Mobile is about to get a bunch of new towers licensed in many counties around IL where service previously had been weak or non-existent at all. They're expanding their range in all directions and are expected. These upgardes are expected to launch within the next month to two months and will cover about 1.1 million more people in the coming days. The counties in IL that will be affected are below: Crawford, Edwards, Lawrence, Massac, Richland, Wabash, Wayne, White. Source keyword: t-mobile in schaumburg, tmobile in schaumburg Read more

Are Sprint and T-Mobile really merging?

In an exclusive scoop over at Bloomberg it’s been revealed that Masayoshi Son is ready to play the long game when it comes to SoftBank/Sprint’s purchase of T-Mobile US from Deutsche Telekom. The site’s sources claim that the wealthy business man is asking banks to commit financing for a “longer-than-usual amount of time.” In response, the financial institutions are wanting higher fees, since they are expecting the deal to take a long time to be approved by the U.S. regulators. Deutsche Telekom, the banks and SoftBank all expect the approval process by the FCC and Department of Justice to take at least one year after the the deal is announced officially. If/when the announcement is made by T-Mobile, Sprint or SoftBank, the banks have pruportedly given the companies 18 months to seal the deal. If that time period goes by without ... Read more

Has your T-Mobile service been dropping?

With any network upgrades there are bound to some customers experiencing issues with network reliability and signal strength. And that seems to be what’s happening to many customers. Threads on HowardForums and Reddit indicate that there are plenty of T-Mobile customers who – when connected to a strong LTE network – notice that speeds suddenly stall. A customer posted the following on Reddit, three days back: Is anyone else still experiencing stalled data while on LTE? I have almost full signal, everywhere, and my data will just stop working periodically throughout the day. I have to toggle airplane mode on and off to fix it. So far, there are 58 comments in response with many of them being people using different devices. Nexus 5, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and the OnePlus One have all been noted to be suffering with the stalled data. But in some ... Read more

What’s their secret? How do they do this?

There was once a time in T-Mobile’s recent history when John Legere would lambast results from RootMetrics’ network survey reports. But I have a feeling that might change soon. The company’s most recent results from some of the major metro areas are painting T-Mo in a very good light. Two separate, recently published reports suggest that T-Mobile has one of the best networks around. In Kansas City, T-Mobile’s network tied with Verizon for top spot. The area was tested between May 16th and 23rd and our favorite carrier ended up with a RootScore of 97.2. For those of you unaware, the RootScore is calculated by taking in to account the reliability index and speed index scores. In KC, T-Mo’s was the fastest with a score of 93.1 ahead of Verizon’s 91.9, AT&T’s 82.5 and Sprint’s paltry 66.1. Sadly, even in ... Read more