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Getting ready for MacOS Sierra + Comment from Apple Senior Exec

What's new? The biggest change is going to be the revamping of Siri so far as we can tell for the new macOS Sierra. Sierra will now function without interrupting your work (unlike the iPhone which pauses whatever you're doing when you try to take advantage of Siri). You'll also be able to use Siri to search your indexed files like images, videos, and more without actually having to go to the web. You'll also be able to schedule appointments using Siri and there are many more changes due after the release of this new operating system. Will iMessage finally be coming to Android? The short answer is no. Based on an article found online at macrumors, an Apple senior executive gave two answers. 1, Apple has to consider its own user base of 1 billion active users to provide a large ... Read more

iPhone 7 will be a boombox AND a smartphone.

The iPhone 7 is going will have 4 speakers? If what we've seen today is true, the iPhone 7 will have 2 speakers on the bottom of the phone and 2 on top. These pictures come from a french blog actually but this information comes to you based on an article found online at There we found these leaked images of a purported iPhone 7 frame and it appears to have cutouts for speakers both on the top and bottom of the phone(see pictures below). So why is this important? If they're real, we know that Apple is really holding onto their commitment to the music industry and this iPhone is going to be an extraordinary multi-media tool. By now, we've all heard the stories about Apple buying out Beats by Dre (now aptly named Beats by Apple). But what has ... Read more

The new iPhone 7 screen will be edge to edge?

Big things are coming to the iPhone 7 Its been a rocky year for Apple as their profits tanked for the first time in 10 years memory but what many people have failed to realize is that Apple has begun working on an electric car and they've also upped research and development spending to it's highest levels ever. Take a look at this image found on Macrumors: The most likely reason for this spending is that Apple is pivoting themselves away from being just a handheld device company and going full blast into the world of electric vehicles. We're eagerly waiting to hear more about this but all trends are pointing skyward towards electric cars with Apple. Some users are upset that Apple is moving into cars but Apple has stated many times before that they're committed to the handheld device ... Read more

Cell Phone Store gets robbed

Cell Phone Store Gets Robbed We came across this random video on YouTube and we can't believe our eyes. We've seen so many different kinds of store break-ins caught on camera and even a few in cell phone stores. This one is especially crazy because *spoiler alert* the guy running the store gets into a wrestling match with the robber. You can see quickly at the beginning of the video that the robber pulls out a black bag onto the counter and appears to be instructing the man to quickly hurry up and fill the bag with iPhones or other valuables. They walk around the back for a while and it looks like the owner/representative points to the front of the store and points to the most value being there. They clear out most of the shelves on the left, stuffing ... Read more

You’ll get bluetooth ear buds when you buy the iPhone 7

Apple is working on wireless Bluetooth earbuds for the iPhone 7 Rumors are buzzing today as rumors develop around the earbuds for the iPhone 7. As you know Apple includes a set of earphones along with each iPhone going all the way back to their flag ship product. In fact Apple has been including headphones since the age of the iPod. A developing round-up on points to probability that Apple is developing a new set of wireless earbuds that could look like a set of Bluetooth wireless earbuds design by Bragi. What spurred the development of these earbuds? With Apples background in the world of Beats by Apple headphones reaching its 3rd year of maturity, it seems like Bluetooth earbuds would be an Apple designed inevitability. Following rumors that the iPhone 7 will not feature a 3.5mm headphone jack like all of the ... Read more

Hands on with the new iPhone SE, should you buy it?

Hands on with the iPhone SE Thanks to an awesome video by The Verge found on macrumors. com, we get a preview of the functionality on the new iPhone SE. The most noticeable quality for people who handle iPhones all day is that the new iPhone SE looks just like the iPhone 5 family of phones. According to reports last year when we first picked up on the iPhone SE project, screens were moving to larger sizes in the smartphone world. While this trend is seen as extremely popular for eastern Asian countries like China, Korea, and Japan, the trend is not as popular in America. As a result Apple is looking to offer the market a small and convenient phone with all of the horsepower and benefits of the iPhone 6S excluding a few small features like 3D force ... Read more

The iPhone 7 will change Instagram forever

iPhone 7 Rumors Earlier this year we reported on a tip that we found online about the iPhone 7 getting a dual-camera set up instead of a single camera like we have seen in the iPhone 6 family of smartphones. The dual-camera option is valuable for a number of reasons. Most importantly the dual-camera setup will allow for approximately 5x optical zoom from a smartphone. This is a huge feat considering that unlike most digital cameras, the iPhone will not have any moving parts. In addition to that, the dual-camera set up allows for much higher clarity in short and far distances. The iPhone 7 is expected to have lots of cool software come with it out of the box that will help users connect with this new way of taking photos and videos. Here's an explanation on how dual-camera ... Read more