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Is the Samsung S6 really a better choice than the iPhone?

Samsung is out to slam Apple (Again) On the surface, it might seem like a simple decision right? iPhone 6 or Samsung S6 should be a no brainer, anyone who uses Android would take the S6 and those of us using iOS would jump after the iPhone 6 right? It turns out that that's largely become the case. There's a war for ideas out there more so than devices, but with Apple becoming highly successful over the last 15 years with selling devices, the war for ideas has been shaped by the adoption and re-adoption of the same platform transitioning through likeable, intuitive, and increasingly powerful devices. As a result, Samsung's ads target the fact that you're actually paying more to get less from Apple iPhones and they do make a great case. Take a look below: (wireless charging is pretty ... Read more

Thinking about buying a Galaxy S6? You better read this first.

Remember the dual-launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and the weeks of associated parodies and foolishness from Samsung and HTC regarding the bending of their new flagship products? Guess who else's phone just entered the arena with the same exact problem. Where are all the Apple haters now I wonder? I have a feeling they'll be hiding in the shadows for a little while. Although the Galaxy S6 Edge's pressure limits are comparable to the iPhone 6 Plus' testing, the Galaxy's screen ended up cracking under the pressure instead of slightly bending similar to Apple's plus-size iPhone model. The HTC One M9 lasted further than its two competitors, reaching 120 lbs of pressure, but the phone was rendered useless thanks to a faulty power button following the pressure test. Testing to the point of "catastrophic failure", the iPhone ... Read more

Shots Fired! Samsung Proves the Note 4 won’t bend

Samsung Proves the Note 4 won't bend It sounds too good to be true, but it's not: Samsung has created a big, robotic, mom jean-wearing butt to prove its phone doesn't bend when a person sits on it. You know, unlike some of its more prominent competitors. A video posted to Samsung's official blog Thursday shows the company's Galaxy Note 4 phone subjected to a number of tests. But the most important question of all is clear: Can a Samsung phone withstand a giant butt sitting on it a couple hundred times? Samsung could have used a regular old human for the test, or a boring robot. Instead, it created this robotic-powered rump. To warm up, the phone was subjected to your standard "tap it back" style sit down. As you can see, so far so good. But could the Samsung withstand a full-on ... Read more

HOT DEAL: New Samsung 55″ 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV

Check it out, my favorite television manufacturer is featured in a deal through one of my favorite websites. Featuring a half off price tag on an award winning TV, click the link below to find out about the deal! Model # UN55F8000 FEATURES / BENEFITS 1080p HDTV with Micro Dimming: Best picture quality 240Hz Refresh Rate: Best for general viewing, video games, action movies, and sports Smart TV with Gesture Controls and a Built in Camera: Interact with streaming content and the web Thin LED Design: TV without stand (Width x Height x Depth): 48.2 X 27.5 X 1.4 Inches, TV with stand (Width x Height x Depth): 48.2 X 29.1 X 12.2 Inches Smart TV The Samsung Smart TV finds the movies and TV shows you like - and more. Speak into the mic on the Smart Touch Remote to get TV recommendations. Use gestures to ... Read more

SAMSUNG just filed a patent for 3D pens/stylus.

Samsung has filled for a patent in its homeland Korea. The new feature, which the company is working on, will be intended for the Galaxy Note series. The new patent filling reveals that the South Korean manufacturer is working on a method to recognize the pen input with special ultrasonic sensors, rather than with a digitizer. According to the patent doc, 3 sensors can record two dimensional data, while the usage of 4 sensors would enable 3 dimensional data to be recorded. Of course, this is not exactly a new feature, as we have already seen this option in the MDP tabletdesigned by Qualcomm. The usage of ultrasonic sensors will eventually eliminate the digitizer, which could result in the phone being slimmer by as much as a millimetre. Also, the incorporation of the new technology could help the OEM reduce the manufacturing ... Read more

Apple is getting BASHED

We're all pretty well aware of Samsung and Apple's hateful relationship but are these commercials desperate or just plain taking it too far. Last week, Samsung released an anti-iPhone ad calling iPhone users "wall huggers" in a promotion for its Galaxy S5 smartphone. Today the South Korean company is promoting its new Galaxy Tab S with two new anti-Apple advertisements, bashing the iPad's lack of multitasking and its screen. In the first ad, Samsung features a crying baby and a dad fighting over an iPad that's unable to display two apps at once. The baby wants to watch a movie while the dad is trying to catch a sports game. A Galaxy Tab S, which can display multiple apps at once, is swapped for the iPad, and suddenly both dad and baby are happy. You have to ask yourself though, isn't this whoel ... Read more

SAMSUNG is about to drop a huge update

For those of you folloing Saumsungs twitter account last night, you probably are dying in anticipation to see what they were talking about. Samsung teased a new Exynos announcement today via its official Exynos social account on Twitter. The teaser is very short, with just a teasing text and a cool picture. The tweet says: Tomorrow we have something new and exciting to show you. Stay tuned! #ExynosTomorrow And this is the attached picture: The new Exynos chipset might be the rumored Exynos 5433 Octa tipped to power the upcoming Galaxy Note 4. The 5433 chip is also rumored to pack an Intel model capable of Cat.6 LTE connectivity and an octa-core processor with four Cortex-A15 and four Cortex-A7 cores. If all this rumors about Exynos 5433 are true, then the added LTE capabilities will allow Samsung to ship the device in even more ... Read more

Has SAMSUNG lost their minds?

Samsung's been hitting every market of the cell phone game for a while now, hitting and excelling in the low, mid, and top tiers of the industry. However, the company's Q2 2014 earnings projections reflect a drop in profits compared to its 2013 Q2 results. This plunging shotgun approach was meant to blow out all spaces of the market to achiever a higher share in the market reinforcing the company's success until now and improving their stock value. Moves like this are believed to tip the scales in the market as products become more highly sought after. The two regions that have caused Samsung's recent sales to suffer are Europe and China, where an interest in the Korean manufacturer's wares declined. Also, Samsung's tablet sales aren't doing so well either; couple this with Samsung losing the low-end market battle to Xiaomi in ... Read more

Look how fast T-Mobile expanded in 3 months

As any of you regular readers will know, we’ve been keeping tabs on T-Mobile’s network expansion over the past few weeks. In the space of a couple of months, we’ve seen an increasing number of new LTE sites going live, VoLTE being activated in more locations and wideband LTE being switched on. But it’s difficult, even with those individual reports, to get a real sense of how fast T-Mo is expanding its reach. Thankfully, one of our readers has put together two really useful GIFs showing how Sensorly data has changed between April 28th and June 29th. West East As you can see, the data offered by Sensorly suggests that there’s a clear difference in coverage, and some genuine LTE expansion has been going on. We don’t expect it to be slowing down any time soon. The network team has clearly been busy, ... Read more