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Apple is building cleaner than ever before

The Advent of Solar Power President Obama released a video about America building cleaner and using more renewable resources and clean energy to fuel the future. The realities are striking and seemingly in response and coalition Apple has made a video public by uploading it's "Better Starts Here" video to their YouTube channel. The video highlights the improved efficiency of Apple products, the improvements in their supply-chain logistics and the enormous investment they've made to supply their buildings with clean energy. Have ... Read more

The Greatest innovation in Wireless Internet: A death-match for the future.

Facebook and Project Aquila What do you do when you have more money than you can possibly need in your lifetime? You benefit the world according to Mark Zuckerberg. According to a break in the New York times, we've learned that Facebook is building a wireless network that will change the earth forever. They'll be using solar powered UAVs to deliver internet broadband to the United States. Facebook has pioneered the development of drones which have a wingspan of a commercial jet ... Read more

iWatch Killer: Google and Intel’s Smartwatch Love Child

Google and Intel's Smart-Watch Love Child Tag Heuer, the famous Swiss watch maker, is diving headfirst into the Smart-watch industry backed by their new partnership with Google & Intel and everyone is bringing something to the table. Tag Heuer is responsible for design and manufacturing, Intel is contributing the processor and hardware, and Google is going to make sure you can find it on the search engines (just kidding they're supplying the operating system.) Naturally this is making waves, especially in Europe. CEO Jean-Claude Biver ... Read more

Dealzone: Macbook Air ($649.99) Must-See

Link to Purchase is at the bottom of the page   Specs Apple MacBook Air 13" - Mid 2011 1.7GHz  |  Up to 7hrs Battery Life Model ID: MacBookAir4,2 View how to find model ID Processor / Memory 1.7GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor 4MB shared L3 cache 4GB DDR3-1333 Onboard Memory Internal Drives 128GB Solid State Drive OWC SSD upgrade: Upgrade to OWC SSD performance Ports MagSafe power port Gigabit Ethernet port Two USB 2.0 ports (up to 480 Mbps) Thunderbolt port (up to 10 Gbps) Audio line out SD card slot External FireWire, USB, and eSATA, storage solutions | ... Read more

The new Macbook Air

Apple's 12" ULTRA Slim Notebook Thinner and larger seems to be a recurring theme with Apple's design and development team. This week rumors are bouncing around the net of a brand new type of notebook based on the Macbook air that would have a fan-less design (very scary) and aluminum body with a 12" diagonal screen. We pulled this quote down from macrumors confirming these beliefs: A source familiar with Apple’s plans describes the 12 inch Macbook Air as having a noticeably thinner design, ... Read more

Turning Macbooks into Tablets, how one company shakes up the game

Modbook turns Macbooks into Tablets Modbook, the organization with past offering pen-based Mac tablets takes advantage of the internals of Apple's notebook computers, is announcing a brand new Kickstarter campaign right now to offer the launch of the new Modbook Professional X in line with the 15-inch Retina Mac laptop Professional. The hundred plus thousand dollar project  allows customers to send in their very own macbook's for a full tablet conversion starting at $1999 or reserve completely new prebuilt systems from Modbook ... Read more

Finally! A Mac Mini rumor

New Mac Mini 2014 Get this, Apple support page on Boot Camp got some updates last night and they made reference to a mid-2014 Mac mini, suggesting that their little desktop is getting a revamped face and body.9to5Mac found a cached online copy of the troubleshooting page yesterday and in their update also referenced the 2014 low-cost iMac and 2014 MacBook Airs. There is a possibility that the mention of the mid-2014 Mac mini could be a mistake, but without any major updates in 2 years, the machine is wayyyyyyyyyy overdue ... Read more

APPLE Integration: Coming to a vehicle near you

In just five years, Apple's CarPlay API for iPhone integration will dominate the auto industry and will be installed in more than 24 million vehicles, according to ABI Research. I'm personally way beyond ready for full Siri integration and iPhone compatibility. The resonating echo of Steve Jobs' "synchronicity" keeps striking me every time I see this. As for myself and millions of other Apple users (though I don't consider myself an Apple fanboy) I love the functionality and intuitive nature of ... Read more