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Why purchase a Used Macbook?

What are the benefits of buying a used Macbook? Historically speaking macbooks have a special type of reputation in the PC marketplace. They hold their value like a lightly driven Acura, and they rival the quality of service you might find in any tool that you're used to relying upon. Every year Apple tries to stun us with a new and marginally more powerful Macbook than the year before. Sometimes Apple gives us a new macbook with a more powerful processor, sometimes ... Read more

iWatch Killer: Google and Intel’s Smartwatch Love Child

Google and Intel's Smart-Watch Love Child Tag Heuer, the famous Swiss watch maker, is diving headfirst into the Smart-watch industry backed by their new partnership with Google & Intel and everyone is bringing something to the table. Tag Heuer is responsible for design and manufacturing, Intel is contributing the processor and hardware, and Google is going to make sure you can find it on the search engines (just kidding they're supplying the operating system.) Naturally this is making waves, especially in Europe. CEO Jean-Claude Biver ... Read more

Is this the end for Radioshack?

Radioshack is not keeping up Big box stores are hurting Radioshack right now which has become a niche electronic store along with cell phones, accessories, and limited options for activating service. What's really hurting Radioshack however is their online performance and right now they're missing a huge chunk of the pie. Reports have confirmed that Radioshack currently offers the  ability to order iPhones online but doesn't have enough capacity to fulfill the orders. The lags are going to hurt radioshack which has ... Read more

The new Macbook Air

Apple's 12" ULTRA Slim Notebook Thinner and larger seems to be a recurring theme with Apple's design and development team. This week rumors are bouncing around the net of a brand new type of notebook based on the Macbook air that would have a fan-less design (very scary) and aluminum body with a 12" diagonal screen. We pulled this quote down from macrumors confirming these beliefs: A source familiar with Apple’s plans describes the 12 inch Macbook Air as having a noticeably thinner design, ... Read more