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Where does Google keep your Data?

Google Data Centers Featuring biometric eye-scanners, overheard power distributions, laser intrusion detection and all kinds of James-Bondy high-tech features: Google's data centers. It's worth noting that Google is trying to make forward positive feedback loops that would improve the sustainability of their work. Data centers consume an enormous amount of energy and generate a tremendous amount of heat. This Google Data center featured above produces enough heat to necessitate an external water cooling plant built into their data center directly. Google has gone so far as to purchase wind farms to support some data centers and then they sell the left over power back into the community grid at a discounted price to the local community it serves. Google is also pioneering the redevelopment of the United States internet infrastructure and offers their practices on renewable energy as a template for ... Read more

Here’s what Apple’s CEO says about your privacy

Apple CEO Talks about Privacy on NPR Tim Cook, CEO of Apple and successor to the late Steve Jobs sat down with NPR 2 days ago to weigh in on security and product privacy concerning Apple products. The conversation began with some clarifying about how Apple manages the data on your phone and their solution is to leave the media and information on your phone that is encrypted automatically by the user. Even the exchange of data between their products and the iCloud platform is two way encrypted by your Apple sign-in ID and is not shared in any way with government. Tim Cook goes on to say in fact that he "doesn't support any backdoor for government" into their own devices and software. He immediately followed up that statement by saying "privacy is a fundamental human right that people have, ... Read more

Need for Speed : iPhone6 vs iPhone6S

More Power? Is the iPhone 6S more of the same? This video illustrates the difference between the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6 in terms of touch-id to the home screen courtesy of the team at On paper the iPhone 6S is supposed to be up to 70% faster across the board but there is information out there to support the possibility of the iPhone 6S even being twice as fast (click here). As far as running apps like Safari, Chrome, and your iPhone's native Mail app, you're probably going to spend the rest of your user experience on Facebook so more power means more virtual sprinting. Many have asked us whether or not it's worth it to move the iPhone 6S and why? The most obvious reason for business professionals is speed. On they have a picture ... Read more

Want a waterproof iPhone?

The iPhone 6S is remarkably waterproof This didn't make headlines anywhere until now, and if Apple designed this thing to be waterproof they probably would have touted it the same way as Samsung did. For that reason, we're not going to officially call it waterproof, but check out this video below and you'll see why we were tempted to give them the honor: Again, we don't recommend that you try some of these tests yourself. Sooner or later the pressure of the water will creep into your phone anyways and destroy all those wonderful little circuits which we will have to try to Zombify if you're ever planning on using that phone again. This is good news for those of us meatheads who do like to sweat up and down all over the gym. You might be surprised but in areas ... Read more

Screen Replacement for iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Cracked iPhone Repair When the iPhone 6 was released by Apple, it was a massive sensation. Boosted by the dual release of the 6 plus, the 4.7" iPhone 6 saw record shattering sales. That wasn't the only shattering feature about the iPhone 6 however. You may remember all the buzz about the gorilla or Sapphire glass which was supposed to be featured in the iPhone 6 that would be highly resistant to scratching and shattering. That never happened and so they released a reinforced version of the glass that was used for the iPhone 5 and 5s but as we all know, it doesn't hold up well. To make matters worse, the iPhone 6 also has rounded or beveled edges which increase not only the difficulty of repair but also the likelihood of screen cracks to take place ... Read more

Behind the scenes iPhone 6S +

Ready for your sneak peak of the new iPhone 6S +? Feast your eyes: photo credits Future Supplier (via The iPhone 6S is just around the corner and we're expecting release times to be announced shortly. (more…) Read more

The Apple Marketplace

If you haven't seen the ads, feast your eyes below on Apple's latest marketing push for the Apple Market place.  What is the Apple Marketplace? Great question! The Apple marketplace is a term we use to describe Apple's App store and the iTunes online store. (more…) Read more
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Don’t Try this at Home

The hard way to do Apple Repairs Let me start by saying that I'm a fan of alternative ways of thinking (3+6=9. There's usually a lot of ways to solve problems and adopting different perspectives can be a useful tool to navigate the waves and storms that life throws at all of us. As computer and cell phone technicians, we're always exercising our ability to solve problems and quickly diagnose them. That said, here's a video on an extremely difficult round-a-bout way of solving things. It's worth noting that whoever this guy is, he's not bad a phone repairs to be able to pull off a repair like this, but the unfortunately reality is that repairs like this not only fail shortly after repair because of the way the components are handled, but there' tremendous opportunities to damage your parts ... Read more
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