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Insane Grand Theft Auto V Stunts

Grand Theft Auto V Stunts If you're a fan of GTAV like we are, then you'll probably enjoy these videos as much as we do if not more. Obviously it looks like some people are cheating in these videos but actually most users who uploaded them say they didn't. At any rate, enjoy the next video. There's a lot of crazy tweaks off of ramps and such. How often do you get the opportunity to launch a car like an airplane? Oh by the way, let us know if you agree or not, the most ridiculous stunts are from players launching themselves off of air planes into tiny swimming pools... how is that possible? Read more

Spotify is Apple’s music streaming service to beat

Spotify has more than 20 million paid subscribers At 20 million paid subscribers, Spotify doubled their paid subscriptions in just one years time. The Wallstreet Journal says that Spotify is now worth half a billion dollars since May of this year. Given Apple's recent announcement to offer music streaming along with subscription services, it looks like Spotify will be the player for them to beat in the market. Given that both services will retail for $10/month each, it will be dangerous for both companies as Apple moves into the market. Speculators do say that Apple has an edge considering the fact that they bought Beats recently and can still use that momentum to drive sales forward. They also have 7 million more tracks than Spotify and what you don't know about Spotify's corporate practice will completely shock you. Apple Music and Spotify ... Read more

Google wants to save your batteries by turning off ads

Google is working with Adobe to halt non-critical flash animation This is kind of a unique move from the Google playbook to stop Adobe flash-based animations which are not critical to the central purpose of the website. This is aimed at saving your battery power and increasing the longevity of a single charge. It's a pretty smart idea from that standpoint but will this hurt the advertising experience that drives a lot of the web forward? It certainly looks to be the case. Above you'll notice an option to enable the feature within Google Chrome that would allow those changes to take place. This is the first time we've heard for this update so keep an eye out and let us know your thoughts on how it works for you. Leave your comments below: source: 9to5mac keywords: google chrome, iphone repair in schaumburg Read more

Is the Samsung S6 really a better choice than the iPhone?

Samsung is out to slam Apple (Again) On the surface, it might seem like a simple decision right? iPhone 6 or Samsung S6 should be a no brainer, anyone who uses Android would take the S6 and those of us using iOS would jump after the iPhone 6 right? It turns out that that's largely become the case. There's a war for ideas out there more so than devices, but with Apple becoming highly successful over the last 15 years with selling devices, the war for ideas has been shaped by the adoption and re-adoption of the same platform transitioning through likeable, intuitive, and increasingly powerful devices. As a result, Samsung's ads target the fact that you're actually paying more to get less from Apple iPhones and they do make a great case. Take a look below: (wireless charging is pretty ... Read more

Is the next iPhone going to be “repairable?”

The next iPhone will be Razor Thin New reports, though the lines are mostly dead right now on the topic, seem to indicate a renewed design focus trend like we've seen with the Apple Watch and the newly designed Macbook Pro and iPad Air. This means you can expect a thinner profile featuring more graphene-based carbon nanotubes and even higher pixel density. You may be thinking to yourself how many pixels could you possibly fit onto such a small screen, but as we've seen in the past when SAMSUNG and APPLE work together, anything is possible. keyword: iphone repair in schaumburg, iphone repair in hoffman estates, iphone repair in palatine, iphone 7 schaumburg, iphone 7 tmobile Read more

Nintendo is coming to your phone!

Ninteno is coming to the Smart Phone world! Satoru Iwata of Nintendo announced a coming partnership with DeNA to design Nintendo games for the iPhone ecosystem so you'll be able to get all your favorite games, characters, and many new ones directly from your iPhone. Nintendo is known for designing well thought out games with captivating story lines and has a history of bangers that follow suit. We can expect nothing less as Nintendo prepares to release 5 new smart phone games by the end of Calendar year 2017. The feature titles are expected to raise the roof on smart phone games for the iPhone but they're also meant to raise our expectations in terms of what can be done with a smart phone in the gaming world. You may think it is a small number, but when we aim to make ... Read more

MINT for your iPhone and why you should use it

Mint - by Intuit In a modern America, managing your finances means everything for your personal survival and can greatly influence how you experience life and impact those closest to you. Money is simple the common denominator for the exchange of goods but how do you control it with so many daily charges, expenses, and temptations? Practice good personal financial planning using or Mint for your iPhone/Android phone. What does Mint do? Mint allows you to take an iPhone or Android phone and organize all of your bank account, loan info, stocks, and many more things all into one self-updating account that can help you visualize your spending habits, control your budgets, and plan for the future. Mint comes packed with helpful tips on how to upgrade to credit cards or  bank/credit union accounts that would give you preferential advantages ... Read more

Try on an Apple iWatch at the Apple Store

Apple's Retail strategy is to get you to try on the Apple Watch Thinking about getting an Apple Watch? Why not spend 15 minutes at an in-store location near you. You can even call in ahead to set up an appointment to try on a particular model and have its functions explained to you by an in-house Apple Genius or Representative. Be sure to check out the accessories while you're there. source keywords: iphone repair in schaumburg, iphone repair in hoffman estates, iphone repair in rolling meadows Read more

Just a game? Or a cash cow. How much do developers make from smart phone Games?

Ever heard of Monument Valley? Ustwo, the developers behind the hit game Monument Valley today published a detailed infographic that gives a rare inside look at what it takes to develop an ultra popular game and the rewards developers can reap from creating an app that soars to the top of the App Store charts. For those unfamiliar, Monument Valley is a highly popular indie puzzle game that asks players to lead the main character through a series of mazes spanning 10 separate levels. The game was highly praised for its design, which included a unique and striking art style. According to Ustwo's infographic, it took Ustwo's eight person team 55 weeks and $852,000 to develop the original version of Monument Valley ahead of its April 2014 launch. The app's Forgotten Shores expansion, released in late November, took an additional 29 weeks ... Read more

You won’t believe what New York is trying to do with your iPhones

New York City is considering using Touch ID to pay for packing tickets The city of New York is considering new measures (PDF) that would allow drivers to pay their parking tickets with alternative payment methods like Apple Pay, PayPal, and Bitcoin, reportsMarketWatch. Currently, the city says it is collecting roughly $600 million in parking ticket revenue each year, as the region's Department of Finance is looking for a "convenient way for motorists to expeditiously pay their parking tickets via a smartphone or mobile device."   Apparently New York is interested in quicker payments on parking tickets and faster processing. Legally however users are proving their criminal involvement from a legal standpoint and tying it to their fingerprints. Who knows what other kind of implications this could lead to in the future. iphone repair in schaumburg, iphone repair hoffman estates, iphone repair in ... Read more
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