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iPhone 6 Leaked photos confirm FORCE TOUCH

iPhone 6S will have Force Touch This is awesome news. The iPhone 6S is following the unprecedented success of the dual iPhone 6 and 6+ launch last year. What can Apple bring to the table to hit this one out of the park like they did with their last phone release. We know this much so far, the screen sizes are not going to be any larger, but they will be thicker as demonstrated by the leaked photos we found on 9to5mac. Like they say on their article. you can see an area where some machine incisions have been made which will fit components closer to the actual display, whereas normally this area is reserved for protection so that the display doesn't encounter any parts inside of the phone. The metal backings also work as a small heat shield but ... Read more

Insane Grand Theft Auto V Stunts

Grand Theft Auto V Stunts If you're a fan of GTAV like we are, then you'll probably enjoy these videos as much as we do if not more. Obviously it looks like some people are cheating in these videos but actually most users who uploaded them say they didn't. At any rate, enjoy the next video. There's a lot of crazy tweaks off of ramps and such. How often do you get the opportunity to launch a car like an airplane? Oh by the way, let us know if you agree or not, the most ridiculous stunts are from players launching themselves off of air planes into tiny swimming pools... how is that possible? Read more
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Don’t Try this at Home

The hard way to do Apple Repairs Let me start by saying that I'm a fan of alternative ways of thinking (3+6=9. There's usually a lot of ways to solve problems and adopting different perspectives can be a useful tool to navigate the waves and storms that life throws at all of us. As computer and cell phone technicians, we're always exercising our ability to solve problems and quickly diagnose them. That said, here's a video on an extremely difficult round-a-bout way of solving things. It's worth noting that whoever this guy is, he's not bad a phone repairs to be able to pull off a repair like this, but the unfortunately reality is that repairs like this not only fail shortly after repair because of the way the components are handled, but there' tremendous opportunities to damage your parts ... Read more

Control your entire HOUSE from your iPhone

Are you ready for the future? Apple developers are working hard on releasing a new app called HomeKit which will basically turn your phone into a remote control for things around your home which normally would be devoid of digital access. Examples of such things are key-locks, garages, appliances, thermostats, and so much more. As it stands right now you'll probably need an Apple TV to interact with your devices kind of like a wireless router would interact with all your computers and cell phones. The good news is that companies like Schlage, GE, and Belkin are all onboard for the upcoming homekit integration into their devices. Is it safe? There are rumors circulating that you could possibly share your devices control information with other phones or send tokens around which would grant limited functionality to your home. As a result there ... Read more

Is the next iPhone going to be “repairable?”

The next iPhone will be Razor Thin New reports, though the lines are mostly dead right now on the topic, seem to indicate a renewed design focus trend like we've seen with the Apple Watch and the newly designed Macbook Pro and iPad Air. This means you can expect a thinner profile featuring more graphene-based carbon nanotubes and even higher pixel density. You may be thinking to yourself how many pixels could you possibly fit onto such a small screen, but as we've seen in the past when SAMSUNG and APPLE work together, anything is possible. keyword: iphone repair in schaumburg, iphone repair in hoffman estates, iphone repair in palatine, iphone 7 schaumburg, iphone 7 tmobile Read more

Apple Watch sold out in less than 6 hours (ALL MODELS)

Unleash the Kraken! The Apple iWatch debuted last week officially and sources point to over 1 million orders for the device with more coming. What's more is that it sold out within 6 hours of release (all models). Rumors indicate that the famed Gold model iWatch will not be shipping until a little bit later this summer and pre-orders are already maxed out beyond production so no further orders are available right now. source keywords: iphone repair in palatine, iphone repair in hoffman estates, iphone repair in rolling meadows Read more

MINT for your iPhone and why you should use it

Mint - by Intuit In a modern America, managing your finances means everything for your personal survival and can greatly influence how you experience life and impact those closest to you. Money is simple the common denominator for the exchange of goods but how do you control it with so many daily charges, expenses, and temptations? Practice good personal financial planning using or Mint for your iPhone/Android phone. What does Mint do? Mint allows you to take an iPhone or Android phone and organize all of your bank account, loan info, stocks, and many more things all into one self-updating account that can help you visualize your spending habits, control your budgets, and plan for the future. Mint comes packed with helpful tips on how to upgrade to credit cards or  bank/credit union accounts that would give you preferential advantages ... Read more

You won’t believe what New York is trying to do with your iPhones

New York City is considering using Touch ID to pay for packing tickets The city of New York is considering new measures (PDF) that would allow drivers to pay their parking tickets with alternative payment methods like Apple Pay, PayPal, and Bitcoin, reportsMarketWatch. Currently, the city says it is collecting roughly $600 million in parking ticket revenue each year, as the region's Department of Finance is looking for a "convenient way for motorists to expeditiously pay their parking tickets via a smartphone or mobile device."   Apparently New York is interested in quicker payments on parking tickets and faster processing. Legally however users are proving their criminal involvement from a legal standpoint and tying it to their fingerprints. Who knows what other kind of implications this could lead to in the future. iphone repair in schaumburg, iphone repair hoffman estates, iphone repair in ... Read more

Crucial 960GB SATA 6Gbps Internal SSD

Why buy Solid State? Solid state disks are the fastest way to take advantage of your data for all computing devices. They simply outperform traditional hard disks in all meaningful performance metrics except where data storage is concerned. Traditional mechanical hard disks still take the lead there, but if you're interested in an entirely new computing experience, check out solid states disks for all of your PCs/Laptops/and Computing devices. $325 plus free shipping. Just click on the link below to take advantage. source  <-- click here for the deal iphone repair in schaumburg, iphone repair in arlington heights, iphone repair in rolling meadows, iphone repair in palatine, iphone repair in hoffman estates Read more

Amazon Visa Rewards Featured in Apple Pay

AMEX Comes to Apple Pay Apple Pay launched on Monday featuring a tremendous amount of complying credit card companies A few of the companies looking to evolve the future of transactional purchases was Chase. For those who don't know, Chase is the issuing bank for the Amazon Visa Rewards card. Amazon reportedly was the only Chase consumer card not supporting Apple Pay, sparking rumors that the retailer was deliberately rebuffing Apple's mobile payment efforts for competitive reasons. Stay tuned for more updates as more cards get rolled out onto Apple Pay.   Read more
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