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iPhone smashes sales records in China

Yesterday, Chinese iPhone 6 reservations were stated as 2 million in six hours, a rather stunning statistic. Today, an update from the Chinese media press Tencent now says that reservations have topped 4 million. If all these reservations convert into orders, China alone may beat out the iPhone 6’s launch numbers, which — at the time — were considered to be impressive. What’s more interesting is that Tencent claims it has exact order numbers from one of the main companies offering reservations. This gives some insight into ... Read more

6 things you didn’t know about the iPhone 6

Behold, the iPhone 6 is upon us I know you've all been waiting for literally ever for this article so let's get right into it. Here's everything you need to know about the iPhone 6 and the 6+ Design They ditched the blocky iPhone 5s style frame and went for something rounded on all edges. The 4.7" version of the iPhone 6 is going to be less than 7mm thin making it the thinnest iPhone of all time. To put that into perspective, your ... Read more
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(iPhone 6 hands on) * SPOILER ALERT *

The brand new generation of iPhones The time is almost upon when Apple holds their yearly conference to divine the secrets of what they've been up to. If you're an avid reader on this site, there shouldn't be many surprises tomorrow for you. Before tomorrow happens however, you might be interested in seeing what this Chinese fellow has  been up to. A few guys have been up to creating a sneak peak detailing the differences between the two phones and you can ... Read more

They put the iPhone 6 together using spare parts!

The iPhone 6 Assembled This is really exciting news, Apple hasn't even release the iPhone 6 and all the buzz is causing techies and apple geeks to starve in anticipation of the release. Some folks online worked day and night for several months to get ahold of all the parts for the iPhone 6 and finally they have all of them. Check out the video below: Looks like adding the iPhone 6 to our list of cell phone repair in Schaumburg ^.^   unfortunately it ... Read more

Confirmed: Apple will officially introduce their iPhone

September 9th Expose on the new Apple iPhone Generation We've been blogging about this quite a bit and the time is almost upon us. At that time we fully expect Apple to reveal and demonstrate not only the specs we never caught while spying on them for the last year or so (he he he), but more importantly they're going to show off all the cool functionality about IOS8 which probably deserves a presentation on it's own. Apple has scheduled a big media ... Read more

You won’t believe how many iPhone 6s Apple will sell

Taiwan's Business Weekly (Google Translate, via GforGames) reports that Apple has placed an extraordinary amount of orders for the iPhone 6 ahead of its launch this fall, which is said to be twice as large when compared to orders for the iPhone 5 in 2012. The paper also states that Apple's first iPhone 6 order will consist of 68 million units, with the device finally entering mass production later this month. This is consistent with earlierrumors about the mass production of the 4.7-inch device, although it is ... Read more

Sneakpeak at the iPhone 6 body (DETAILED PICS)

Let's clear there air, there's been a lot of garbage out there. Over the past six weeks, we've seen a few photos and even a video of what has been claimed to be the actual rear shell of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, showing a nearly all-metal design with separate bands presumably to accommodate the antennas at the top and bottom.  Inside of rear shell (Click for larger)MacRumors has now received a number of new photos and a video showing a similar version of the part. The first part comes ... Read more

Does this mean the END of Apple’s work abuse?

At a recent shareholder meeting, Foxconn CEO Terry Gou announced that the company will soon deploy robots to help assemble devices, noting that Apple will be the first company to use the service, reports IT Home (Google Translate, via GSMDome). Named "Foxbots", each robot will be able to assemble an average of 30,000 devices and costs anywhere from $20,000 to $25,000 to make. Gou stated that the assembly devices are undergoing their final testing phase, as Foxconn plans to deploy 10,000 robots to its factories. Foxconn has ... Read more

A major flaw with the upcoming iPhone 6

So one of the major flaws with the Apple iPhones has been the fact that the battery is not only difficult to replace but it also holds a weak charge comparatively speaking. I find myself charging my iPhone for most of the day which means if I was a more mobile personality I would probably keep 3-4 back up chargers or external battery power sources. So the question on everybody's mind is what has Apple done to correct this problem with the ... Read more