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The Macbook Air is surprisingly durable

Extreme Torture Testing on a Macbook Air Just when you thought you've seen it all, the internet continues to deliver. Here is a video we found while looking up Macbook Air fixes and it's pretty cool. First she throws the Macbook Air in a freezer, next she tries to kill it with fire. Finally she drowns it, and the thing simply wont die. If they keep Making Macbooks and PCs like this, there's not going to be any computers to repair in Schaumburg. Macbook Airs are known for being really flimsy, hard to fix, and terribly difficult to get parts for. Fortunately, if you do have a problem with your Macbook Air, you can bring it to Zombie Techs computer repair in Schaumburg. We fix at least 3-4 Macbooks a week so we've pretty much seen it all as far ... Read more

iPad 3 Charging Port repair

iPad 3 Charging Port repair The iPad 3 can be one of the trickiest tablets to work on depending on your experience and background as a repair technician. iPad 3 is built with a similar glass as the iPad 2 and can be opened in a similar fashion (see video). It's fair to say that 90% of the repairs we see for iPads will be cracked screen replacements. Second to cracked screen replacements are iPad 3 charging port repairs. What does the charging port do? In computers and laptops we call it s a DC jack. The function of a charging port is to allow an electric signal to enter the battery of your device and charge it up to 100%. Because charging ports are in use almost every time you turn on your iPad, these parts get a lot of traffic, ... Read more

What this Comcast Rep did will blow you away

COMCAST Rep Simply Won't Cooperate I was inspired/moved to do an article recently based on an incredibly bad experience I had with COMCAST business lately. As some of you know, we computer and internet geeks rely on the internet for every single thing that we do in our lives (including fixing all of your broken things). In direct relationship with our lives, we require fast internet to get things down in the quickest amount of time. Lately I had massive problems with an expiring contract through COMCAST and the transition into a new one was nearly hell on earth. In fact we were essentially without internet on 90% of our equipment for an entire week thanks to their screw-ups and we almost waited another week for them to fix it. When they finally showed up a week later to set us ... Read more