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Apple is NOT going to do an Apple version of “Surface book”

To hell with surface books! Says Apple CEO Tim Cook in so many words. Based on an article found on, Apple is not going to make a Surface Book competitor with it's yet to be seen 12.9" iPad Pro. Tim says the reason being is because they would have to make too many compromises in their designs: "...So we want to make the best tablet in the world and the best Mac in the world. And putting those two together would not achieve either. You'd begin to compromise in different ways." - Tim Cook, Apple So then what is the point of the iPad pro? MacRumors says it will have a 10 hour battery life. They also say it will have a 5.6 million pixel display and that's its internals will be on par with Mac desktops and previous Apple Laptops. Well, ... Read more

Spotify is Apple’s music streaming service to beat

Spotify has more than 20 million paid subscribers At 20 million paid subscribers, Spotify doubled their paid subscriptions in just one years time. The Wallstreet Journal says that Spotify is now worth half a billion dollars since May of this year. Given Apple's recent announcement to offer music streaming along with subscription services, it looks like Spotify will be the player for them to beat in the market. Given that both services will retail for $10/month each, it will be dangerous for both companies as Apple moves into the market. Speculators do say that Apple has an edge considering the fact that they bought Beats recently and can still use that momentum to drive sales forward. They also have 7 million more tracks than Spotify and what you don't know about Spotify's corporate practice will completely shock you. Apple Music and Spotify ... Read more

Beyonce seen with Gold Apple Watch

The Famed Gold Apple Watch on Queen B You've probably heard about the Apple Watch appearing all over the designer fashion show in Milan this last week and how Jony Ive was at the event wearing it himself. It looks like he's the first of many however as the first post multi-platinum celebrity appears at Coachella donning the famous decadent gold edition Apple iWatch. Seen below, Beyonce has been performing at Coachella whilst wearing the gold edition Apple iWatch. It's not clear if she bought it herself or if the watch was given to her.   source keyword: ipad repair in schaumburg Read more

Use Pandora on your Apple Watch

Use Pandora on your Apple Watch The Apple watch is really shaking up how all of our apps look and function in the digital world. The Apple watch is filling a unique space in our lives as a remote control for our phones, quick reference for e-mails and texts, and now as a radio dial for Pandora. Pandora will be offering better iTunes purchasing integration so that you can download your favorite songs. There's also an ad free version of Pandora that offers exclusive content streaming ad free and in a higher quality sound than the free version. While it’s not completely in their control, Pandora recently expressed a commitment to add support for Apple’s CarPlay feature in the future. says a source from 9to5mac keywords: iwatch pandora, ipad repair in schaumburg, ipad repair in palatine, ipad repair in rolling meadows, ipad repair in hoffman ... Read more

Welcoming the iPad Pro 12″ Tablet

Welcoming the iPad Pro 12" Tablet To the Apple Family Rumors have been swarming us since December about a mysterious new iPad "PRO" but now things are really shaping up. Apple takes their products seriously and sticks to their core identity that Apple is a device manufacturer. The simple fact of the matter is that Apple has pumped out the most revolutionary technologies in terms of consumer electronics since the new millennium. The core focus of their devices is to deliver simple and intuitive products that help users get closer to digital content without the limitations and restrictions of complex interfaces and technical skills. Every year, Apple seeks new opportunities to do it again and repeat their previous success. Now, Apple believe's they've got it again. What SUVs did for cars and trucks, Apple hopes the iPad Pro will do for tablets ... Read more

iPad sales slow, struggling to remain relevant

iPads don't break And that's one of the main reasons why people don't upgrade them. In fact most people just fix them. Speaking from the standpoint of a computer repair guy, I can tell you first hand that people will 9/10 times repair their machinery instead of upgrade. So why upgrade? For the faster processing? For the better camera? Nope. It turns out that performance has little to do with the end users decisions. A market survey indicated that the reason why people upgrade their iPads is because of higher quality screens, thinner profiles, or most importantly because their old ones break beyond repair. ipad repair in schaumburg, ipad repair in palatine, ipad repair in hoffman estates, ipad repair in rolling meadows, ipad repair in barrington Read more

Slo Mo on the iPhone 6

Slo Mo on the iPhone 6 The iPhone 5s gave us Slo Mo video capture, where images are recorded at 120 FPS (Frames Per Second) and then played back at 30 FPS. But now the iPhone 6 offers Super Slo Mo, which captures 240 FPS. This will allow for some incredible action videos. I played with this new feature at my daughter's softball game and was able to analyze her swing and running essentially in real time. This could be a great boon to coaches and athletes, not to mention a lot of fun! Here's how to use it: 1. Select Slo-Mo Mode Open the camera app and swipe to select Slo-Mo mode by bringing it to the center and then tap the red shutter button. 2. Start Recording Early There will be some lag between when you press record and when your iPhone starts recording. ... Read more

Top 10 Zombie Games for iPad & iPhone

      Send the undead back to hell via soccer ball, machine gun, and sword. If there’s one thing the App Store has plenty of, it’s zombie games. Developers can’t tear themselves away from the undead, and the result is a glut of titles that have players doing just about everything, from shooting the flesh eating freaks to creating their own zombie pizzas and even tending to zombie farms. Suffice to say, if you think the best zombie is a dead one, there’s an iPhone or iPad game best suited to your brain splattering tastes. That said, lock the doors, gather supplies, and try to survive the 10 best iOS zombie games. 10. Judge Dredd vs Zombies   Even zombies need to obey the law. Control comic book hero Judge Dredd as he shoots his way through 30 levels filled with death. Level up to increase ... Read more

First Look! iPad Air 2 and “iPad PRO”

We have confirmation Apple is working on two new iPads Samsung is at the forefront of Apple's game when it comes to iPads. The Korean manufacturing giant is said to be supplying Apple with the panels for the new iPad Air 2 and the first of it's kind 12.9" iPad Pro. Said to be looking to release in early 2015, Samsung is poised to open up further cooperative efforts with Apple in terms of production. Apple has trying to push Samsung out of the picture but still relies on them for many components that belong to their. So far we know the Apple iPad 2 will feature a thinner profile than that preceding iPad Air and a faster processor. Early reports indicate that the iPad air is rumored to have 2 gigs of memory built into the main board as well. Conversely ... Read more

All MOTO 360 are gone!

Moto 360 Smart Watches are all sold out in Google Play The  Moto 360 has been in high demand since it's announcement and release. Even tho very few people can get their hands on it, the orders for it are through the roof. This is great news for the android market as they're competing already with the upcoming iWatch that many people are holding out for. What makes this crazy is the fact that this is looking like the best Android-based smart watch yet and this could be a major rival against the Apple fan boys. Samsung has also released versions of smart watches which are effective and good but not nearly a "complete package" like the Moto 360. Again, great news for Motorola who has basically been decapitated basically since their purchase by Google. You may have a chance to ... Read more
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