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Apple is NOT going to do an Apple version of “Surface book”

To hell with surface books! Says Apple CEO Tim Cook in so many words. Based on an article found on, Apple is not going to make a Surface Book competitor with it's yet to be seen 12.9" iPad Pro. Tim says the reason being is because they would have to make too many compromises in their designs: "...So we want to make the best tablet in the world and the best Mac in the world. And putting those two together would not achieve either. You'd begin to compromise in different ways." - Tim Cook, Apple So then what is the point of the iPad pro? MacRumors says it will have a 10 hour battery life. They also say it will have a 5.6 million pixel display and that's its internals will be on par with Mac desktops and previous Apple Laptops. Well, ... Read more

Use Pandora on your Apple Watch

Use Pandora on your Apple Watch The Apple watch is really shaking up how all of our apps look and function in the digital world. The Apple watch is filling a unique space in our lives as a remote control for our phones, quick reference for e-mails and texts, and now as a radio dial for Pandora. Pandora will be offering better iTunes purchasing integration so that you can download your favorite songs. There's also an ad free version of Pandora that offers exclusive content streaming ad free and in a higher quality sound than the free version. While it’s not completely in their control, Pandora recently expressed a commitment to add support for Apple’s CarPlay feature in the future. says a source from 9to5mac keywords: iwatch pandora, ipad repair in schaumburg, ipad repair in palatine, ipad repair in rolling meadows, ipad repair in hoffman ... Read more

Welcoming the iPad Pro 12″ Tablet

Welcoming the iPad Pro 12" Tablet To the Apple Family Rumors have been swarming us since December about a mysterious new iPad "PRO" but now things are really shaping up. Apple takes their products seriously and sticks to their core identity that Apple is a device manufacturer. The simple fact of the matter is that Apple has pumped out the most revolutionary technologies in terms of consumer electronics since the new millennium. The core focus of their devices is to deliver simple and intuitive products that help users get closer to digital content without the limitations and restrictions of complex interfaces and technical skills. Every year, Apple seeks new opportunities to do it again and repeat their previous success. Now, Apple believe's they've got it again. What SUVs did for cars and trucks, Apple hopes the iPad Pro will do for tablets ... Read more

Top 10 Zombie Games for iPad & iPhone

      Send the undead back to hell via soccer ball, machine gun, and sword. If there’s one thing the App Store has plenty of, it’s zombie games. Developers can’t tear themselves away from the undead, and the result is a glut of titles that have players doing just about everything, from shooting the flesh eating freaks to creating their own zombie pizzas and even tending to zombie farms. Suffice to say, if you think the best zombie is a dead one, there’s an iPhone or iPad game best suited to your brain splattering tastes. That said, lock the doors, gather supplies, and try to survive the 10 best iOS zombie games. 10. Judge Dredd vs Zombies   Even zombies need to obey the law. Control comic book hero Judge Dredd as he shoots his way through 30 levels filled with death. Level up to increase ... Read more

First Look! iPad Air 2 and “iPad PRO”

We have confirmation Apple is working on two new iPads Samsung is at the forefront of Apple's game when it comes to iPads. The Korean manufacturing giant is said to be supplying Apple with the panels for the new iPad Air 2 and the first of it's kind 12.9" iPad Pro. Said to be looking to release in early 2015, Samsung is poised to open up further cooperative efforts with Apple in terms of production. Apple has trying to push Samsung out of the picture but still relies on them for many components that belong to their. So far we know the Apple iPad 2 will feature a thinner profile than that preceding iPad Air and a faster processor. Early reports indicate that the iPad air is rumored to have 2 gigs of memory built into the main board as well. Conversely ... Read more

12.9″ iPad is HUGE!!!

Apple Announced the 12.9" iPad Yes, you've read this correctly. Apple is releasing a new range of iPads that are absolutely massive. 13" is about the same size as most Macbook Pros on the market and the size of the Macbook Air screen. The new iPad will have a 12.9" Diagonally measured screen which may feature the soon to be released Apple sapphire glass. This may be a move by Apple to refresh the iPad market after it has gone south in terms of numbers over the last two quarters. That's not to say that Apple is losing money on their iPads but sales are in fact worse than they have been before. We've hear rumors too that the upcoming iPad will feature a fingerprint reader on the home sensor and an super thin chassis like the iPad air (but ... Read more

FAQ: Does your iPad screen go off and won’t come back on?

Do you ever find your iPad in a frozen-like state where none of the buttons or responses seem to work? This is actually a common occurrence for many iDevice products including iPhone and iPads (especially after the iOS 7 updates). So what do you do if your iPad is stuck on that black screen? The first thing you can try is holding in your Power button on the top of your iPad and the Home button, which is the circle button on the face of your iPad. Hold these buttons in at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until you notice the screen come on with the Apple logo. This is a quick and easy way to reset your device and it is a method we use all the time at our store to make sure we're not fixing a ... Read more
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Do you even know what Zombie Techs does?

Check this out, in case you ever wondered what it is we actually do @ Zombie Techs, check out this video. It's a clip of one of our best guys Cameron, pulling a bad chip off of this old motherboard. He then goes on to replace it with a working one again. There's no shops in the area that do work like this so if you ever have a problem at places like Best Buy or other major retailers and they tell you that your phone or computer can't be fixed, think twice! We actually perform repairs like this all day long so we're well qualified to tell you for sure whether or not your computer or cell phone can be fixed. We actually repair countless phones and computers that supposedly get written off as impossible repair by big box ... Read more

iPad Repair in Schaumburg

iPad Repair in Schaumburg There's never been a better time for iPad repair in Schaumburg. Most commonly iPads break from being dropped but they also break on account of failing power and volume buttons which can affect the user's daily experience. Fortunately, Zombie Techs iPad repair in Schaumburg stocks components for all of the most common problems that users experience when iPads break. We keep 10-20 screens in stock usually for all of your repair needs. Located just 5 minutes Northwest of the Apple Store in Woodfield Mall, there's never been a better alternative to having your iPad and Apple Devices fixed. Because we stock most replacement parts on site and our friendly technicians are experienced in Apple repairs, we can offer service while you wait for a wide array of common problems that iPads face including screen and glass ... Read more