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iPhone 6 Charging Port Replacement

How To: iPhone 6 Charging Port Replacement Full disclosure: we're not responsible if you attempt this repair on your own and brick your device. That said, this is a cool video about replacing your iPhone 6 microphone. If you find yourself in need of this service, just stop by the Zombie Techs cell phone repair in Schaumburg and save yourself the trouble of attempting this repair on your own. It is more complicated than it looks, but if you're up to the task and don't want to overpay for the service, this is a good place to start. Diagnosing a bad microphone may seem obvious but there are a number of signs to lookout for. A bad iPhone 6 microphone is not just going to prevent communication, it could also prevent your iPhone 6 from powering on altogether. Other signs ... Read more

What this Comcast Rep did will blow you away

COMCAST Rep Simply Won't Cooperate I was inspired/moved to do an article recently based on an incredibly bad experience I had with COMCAST business lately. As some of you know, we computer and internet geeks rely on the internet for every single thing that we do in our lives (including fixing all of your broken things). In direct relationship with our lives, we require fast internet to get things down in the quickest amount of time. Lately I had massive problems with an expiring contract through COMCAST and the transition into a new one was nearly hell on earth. In fact we were essentially without internet on 90% of our equipment for an entire week thanks to their screw-ups and we almost waited another week for them to fix it. When they finally showed up a week later to set us ... Read more