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Spotify is Apple’s music streaming service to beat

Spotify has more than 20 million paid subscribers At 20 million paid subscribers, Spotify doubled their paid subscriptions in just one years time. The Wallstreet Journal says that Spotify is now worth half a billion dollars since May of this year. Given Apple's recent announcement to offer music streaming along with subscription services, it looks like Spotify will be the player for them to beat in the market. Given that both services will retail for $10/month each, it will be dangerous for both companies as Apple moves into the market. Speculators do say that Apple has an edge considering the fact that they bought Beats recently and can still use that momentum to drive sales forward. They also have 7 million more tracks than Spotify and what you don't know about Spotify's corporate practice will completely shock you. Apple Music and Spotify ... Read more

Google Street view is going Under Water!

Google Celebrates World Ocean Day The company that made our world much smaller is on a never ending quest to bring us even closer to each other. Google celebrates World Ocean day by taking their street view technology under water! Could you imagine if they had plans to do a 3D map of the earths oceans? I'm sure it's on the table for something they'll do by year 2100. Take a look at the video below to get a taste of what they have in store for us: source keywords: computer repair in schaumburg, iphone repair in schaumburg, computer repair in hoffman estates, cell phone repair in schaumburg Read more

What to expect from Apple next week

Upcoming Apple Developers Conference Apple is really pulling out the stops and charging head first into the American technological lifestyle. As we anticipate the upcoming changes, let's review a few categories based on what we can expect from the upcoming conference. Apple Beats Yes, we hope you didn't forget about that whole multi-billion dollar deal that was made between Dre's Beats and Apple. Well, it's finally coming to fruition. There have been rumors circulating for weeks about exclusive content from Apple Music which is purportedly going to be a subscription based paid service going forward. We're also anticipating a closer integration between Apple name brands and Beats featuring better integration with Apple's newest hardware product, the Apple Watch. Hardware In terms of hardware, we're not anticipating any huge changes. As you know by now, there hasn't been much in the works for newer macbooks ... Read more

Now that Tiger Direct is gone

Computer Parts in Schaumburg Our beloved Tiger Direct store has closed in Hoffman Estates. What once was a staple for all of us techies in the area has now packed up and moved online (save for their location in Naperville). We will dearly miss Tiger Direct and we hope the company can stay around for a long time yet to come. That said, where can you get your computer and cell phone parts in Schaumburg now. Zombie Techs realizes that lots of technicians, end-users, and consumers will be missing out on electronics which were previously available to them at low prices. With Tiger Direct out of the picture now, Zombie Techs has decided to stock more computer parts and electronics for sale to help out with the demand in the Northwest Suburbs for these kind of components. Right now we're ... Read more

Just a game? Or a cash cow. How much do developers make from smart phone Games?

Ever heard of Monument Valley? Ustwo, the developers behind the hit game Monument Valley today published a detailed infographic that gives a rare inside look at what it takes to develop an ultra popular game and the rewards developers can reap from creating an app that soars to the top of the App Store charts. For those unfamiliar, Monument Valley is a highly popular indie puzzle game that asks players to lead the main character through a series of mazes spanning 10 separate levels. The game was highly praised for its design, which included a unique and striking art style. According to Ustwo's infographic, it took Ustwo's eight person team 55 weeks and $852,000 to develop the original version of Monument Valley ahead of its April 2014 launch. The app's Forgotten Shores expansion, released in late November, took an additional 29 weeks ... Read more

Chevron will accept Apple Pay

Big Oil will support Apple Pay Chevron tweeted the other day that they're beginning incorporating Apple pay into their available payment options. This will be a monumental transition in the way we do business in America. Currently we consume more than any other country in the world meaning that we will set an unprecedented record of conversions in terms of sales through mobile devices. Speculating on the recent Sony hacks, the repercussions are worrisome in fear of a potential Apple leak/hack. Who is to say that one is not already under way? Chevron and Texaco oil were two of the biggest proponents of Apple Pay when it was announced. Though it remains unclear what the potential lasting benefits of the relationship are, speculators believe that it will create a larger field of view and analytics for oil companies which currently have ... Read more

Dealzone: ASUS Zenbook (Save 36%)

ASUS Zenbook UX31LA-DS71T 13.3" Core i7-4500U/128GB SSD Win 8.1 Touch Ultrabook 17 viewed per hour. | Add to watch list Seller information voodublu (3860 ) 99.1% Positive feedback Follow this seller Visit store: voodublu See other items Item condition: New Quantity: Limited quantity available / 87 sold Price: US $899.99 Add to cart keyword: computer repair in schaumburg Read more

Scammer gets Scammed

Computer Repair "Expert" Gets Scammed A week ago we published an article encouraging our visitors to avoid scams where you get called by an individual requesting to get access to your computer or asking for payment so that he can solve your computer problem. As it happens this fake IT scam has been going on for a while but just recently it caught fire. Well, one clever user in Canada ended up entertaining his called and wasting his time for a half hour until he finally blew up. Get an idea for what kind of questions and directions this person gives because other scammers are likely to ask you to do the same sorts of things. *Spoiler Alert* Skip to 26 minutes to hear the scammer finally lose it <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>   For all of your computer repair needs, call the ... Read more

Oh no! Notice any similarities?

The new Samsung Galaxy Alpha looks a LOT like something we've seen before. We all know about the patent and copyright battles Apple and Samsung has been fighting for the last few years. As it happens the results actually turn out great for both companies as the attention gets them both an insane amount of sales. Ask yourself however, is Samsung going too far this time? Images released today demonstrate just how similar the Galaxy Alpha is going to look compared to the iPhone 6. Take a look below: Um hello????????? These phones look almost completely identical to each other. Samsung plans to release the Galaxy Alpha phone early next year and it will feature "everything the iPhone 6 has and so much more." What do you think? Does this phone have a shot of making it to the shelves or ... Read more
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