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iPhone sales to decline for first time in 10 years

iPhone Sales to drop in Q1 wrote an article 2 hours ago reporting on information that points to Apple losing iPhones sales in this quarter citing that the pace of innovation has slowed at Apple. Business Insider reports that LG & Hynix who make parts for Apple are also expected to lose as much as 10% of their revenue. In light of the current turmoil in the stock market, shares could drop even further. News that something was wrong at Apple first caught the attention of Reuters when Taiwan-based iPhone assembly plant Foxconn made a unique move during the holidays. Typically Foxconn ramps up production hours nearing holiday season where as staffing was actually cut this year indicating lower production levels. Foxconn missed their revenue goals for December 2015 further proving lower sales expectations on the part of Apple for ... Read more

Prevent Identity theft this Christmas Season

6 Ways to protest your credit cards online At this time of year good old consumerism is hard at work as we buy presents for all of our loved ones and put them under the Christmas tree. The folks over at Avast wrote 6 points about keeping yourself safe from credit card theft or identity fraud. We've added some helpful tips on top of what they wrote which will help you and your loved one stay safe this year. Keep a record of your cards If you have some time, make photocopies of your credit card info and keep stored away in your computer (but not online). This will enable you to react in a situation where you lose your credit card info in a highly trafficked public place. Monitor your credit card accounts These days its considered a bad practice to log onto your ... Read more

The iPhone 7 won’t have a headphone jack

No headphone jack for you, iPhone 7 We've been hearing about this rumor all weekend when it first popped up on Gizmodo and looking into an article on Mashable we found out that this rumor comes from Japan. You're probably thinking the same thing we are: Why would they remove the headphone jack? Why would Apple want to do this? The idea we keep hearing is to save 1 whole millimeter of space to make the iPhone 7 that much thinner and they're relying on the new 7-series aluminum to prevent bending. It's too soon to say for sure whether or not this rumor is too but all sources point to the fact that Apple will remove the 3.5mm headphone jack. Are they replacing it with something else? Naturally we've heard a lot of rumors about the technology coming to the iPhone 7. In ... Read more

Best Buy is the future?

The Future of Tech Shopping If you're a geeks like us when it comes to shopping for technology and you can choose what you want online based on knowing the specs of what you're looking for- you need not read any further. In our world we are the tech 1% that knows what full-duplex and half-duplex mean. We know the difference between 802.11g, 802.11n, and 802.11a. What can be said for our friends who actually have social lives and aren't as invested as us in the tech space? Best Buy appears to have the answers and according to an article from, Best Buy is poised to grow larger in the retail technology sector. Here is the two step approach: 1.)  Create experiences, not sales I remember from my days working at Best Buy (late 2007 - 2010) that management was always pushing ... Read more

Porsche chooses Apple Car Play instead of Android

Porsche and Apple Play come together this year There's no technological reason the 991/2 doesn't have Android Auto playing through its massively upgraded PCM system. But there is an ethical one. As part of the agreement an automaker would have to enter with Google, certain pieces of data must be collected and mailed back to Mountain View, California. Stuff like vehicle speed, throttle position, coolant and oil temp, engine revs—basically Google wants a complete OBD2 dump whenever someone activates Android Auto. Not kosher, says Porsche. The integration of cars and computers are starting to reach an interesting intersection in today's society. Cars will not be coming standard with built-in entertainment systems, navigation tool, Bluetooth synchronization and more. So the big question on everyone's mind is show I get the iPhone car or the Android car? At the end of the day ... Read more

Chicagoans are excited for Google Fiber

Google Fiber is coming to Chicago Marked by Google as  7th out of 10 major cities to get Google Fiber over the next 2-3 years, Chicagoans and suburbanites alike are ready to drop Comcast and move onto better things. The promise seems real with Google Fiber. Google Fiber is already deployed in select cities around the United States and the reviews are off the wall. The cities using Google Fiber are enjoying speeds up to 25x faster than what Comcast or AT&T are offering at only a fraction of the price. Google Fiber has been offering speeds of 1GBPS and higher to it's customers and it's got Comcast furious. The primary difference in the way that Google Fiber works versus Comcast and AT&T is that they run fiber optic wiring directly from their output stations directly to the home of ... Read more

Where does Google keep your Data?

Google Data Centers Featuring biometric eye-scanners, overheard power distributions, laser intrusion detection and all kinds of James-Bondy high-tech features: Google's data centers. It's worth noting that Google is trying to make forward positive feedback loops that would improve the sustainability of their work. Data centers consume an enormous amount of energy and generate a tremendous amount of heat. This Google Data center featured above produces enough heat to necessitate an external water cooling plant built into their data center directly. Google has gone so far as to purchase wind farms to support some data centers and then they sell the left over power back into the community grid at a discounted price to the local community it serves. Google is also pioneering the redevelopment of the United States internet infrastructure and offers their practices on renewable energy as a template for ... Read more

Apple Guided Tours are coming

Apple Guided Tours Just when you thought you've seen it all, Apple wants to take it deeper and farther than you thought before. So what is a guided tour by Apple? They're like micro-interviews that play from your phone or streaming device to give you an insight on a certain topic, band, location, etc. So imagine going into the Museum of Natural History for example and being able to use your phone to navigate through hours of pre-filmed documentaries or audio books without having to engage in additional device rentals or otherwise. Where's Apple going with this? As you might imagine, Apple didn't start out with this idea to help museums (but that is eventually where it will go). In fact, Apple did it to showcase their artists in new exclusive portfolios that will be native to the Apple Music Store and ... Read more

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement in Schaumburg

Need an iPhone 6 screen repair? You've come to the right place. Prices have been all over the map for most computer and cell phone shops in the Chicagoland area but the prices at Zombie Techs are currently stable (and the most affordable in town). Where others are charging $149.99 and up for iPhone 6 screen replacement, Zombie Techs is currently offering $119.99 because we bought a huge stock of screens earlier this year. Backed by our satisfaction guarantee, there's no reason not to fix it unless you're thinking about upgrading in the coming weeks when the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S+ debut. We'll have those parts soon as well. What to know about iPhone 6 screen repair. Do not try to do this yourself. Included in this article is a video that describes the process that some people have tried to ... Read more

Must-See! Rare video of power surge

What do Power Surges do to computers? Your computer is made up of a lot of powerful electronic parts which have to work on different electric signals to achieve their own maximum performance. It's probably not what you think about when you power your computer on but most desktop's have to route 4-5 different kinds of signals throughout the parts in your computer. The part that does this job in your computer is called a power supply. Take a look below and see what happens when you put too much power into your components. This happens during power surges, overheating, or just when your computer parts degrade past their life expectancy. First you can see the small cylinder called a capacitor blowing up. High quality motherboards are made with solid state capacitors that don't rely on last generation fluids to ... Read more
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