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Must-See! Rare video of power surge

What do Power Surges do to computers? Your computer is made up of a lot of powerful electronic parts which have to work on different electric signals to achieve their own maximum performance. It's probably not what you think about when you power your computer on but most desktop's have to route 4-5 different kinds of signals throughout the parts in your computer. The part that does this job in your computer is called a power supply. Take a look below and ... Read more

Control your entire HOUSE from your iPhone

Are you ready for the future? Apple developers are working hard on releasing a new app called HomeKit which will basically turn your phone into a remote control for things around your home which normally would be devoid of digital access. Examples of such things are key-locks, garages, appliances, thermostats, and so much more. As it stands right now you'll probably need an Apple TV to interact with your devices kind of like a wireless router would interact with all your computers ... Read more

Chevron will accept Apple Pay

Big Oil will support Apple Pay Chevron tweeted the other day that they're beginning incorporating Apple pay into their available payment options. This will be a monumental transition in the way we do business in America. Currently we consume more than any other country in the world meaning that we will set an unprecedented record of conversions in terms of sales through mobile devices. Speculating on the recent Sony hacks, the repercussions are worrisome in fear of a potential Apple leak/hack. Who ... Read more

You wont’ believe what Hyundai and Apple just did

Apple CarPlay is coming to Hyundai Hyundai confirmed today that they'll be incorporating the highest anticipated touch based car audio and nav system ever in a historic partnership with Apple by featuring CarPlay in 2016. If you've been following our blog you know that CarPlay is a fully adaptive touch screen platform. Carplay works independently but can also be synced easily and quickly with your Apple family devices to bring you a seamless synergistic experience. See the picture below to get a ... Read more

Scammer gets Scammed

Computer Repair "Expert" Gets Scammed A week ago we published an article encouraging our visitors to avoid scams where you get called by an individual requesting to get access to your computer or asking for payment so that he can solve your computer problem. As it happens this fake IT scam has been going on for a while but just recently it caught fire. Well, one clever user in Canada ended up entertaining his called and wasting his time for a half hour ... Read more

How Ebola could infect your computer

Watch out for online hackers With the huge rise of searches swarming around the words "ebola", "ebola virus", and other related terms, a huge source of exploitable searches are taking place every hour. Hackers and virus developers are eager to get in your face with their software for the purpose of stealing your identity and financial information. Right now many users are receiving fake e-mails containing "critical information" about the ebola virus. What they end up receiving is a subscription for a bogus ... Read more

Stats on Viruses in the World (Must-Read)

      Computer Virus Breakdown I don't remember where I found this but it's an awesome picture diagram demonstrating what infections look like around the world in terms of computer-viruses. If you don't know exactly what a virus is, you could define it as a piece of software designed to be downloaded into your computer and cause damage to your operating system or your experience using Windows. Windows largely is susceptible to viruses due to the fact that it's code is very heavily segmented ... Read more