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Nintendo is coming to your phone!

Ninteno is coming to the Smart Phone world! Satoru Iwata of Nintendo announced a coming partnership with DeNA to design Nintendo games for the iPhone ecosystem so you'll be able to get all your favorite games, characters, and many new ones directly from your iPhone. Nintendo is known for designing well thought out games with captivating story lines and has a history of bangers that follow suit. We can expect nothing less as Nintendo prepares to release 5 new smart phone games by the end of Calendar year 2017. The feature titles are expected to raise the roof on smart phone games for the iPhone but they're also meant to raise our expectations in terms of what can be done with a smart phone in the gaming world. You may think it is a small number, but when we aim to make ... Read more

SAMSUNG Hurting after iPhone 6

Samsung is in trouble "During its Wednesday earnings call, Apple rival Samsung Electronics reported net profit of 4.63 trillion won ($4.35 billion) for the January to March quarter, a 39% drop from its net profit of 7.49 trillion won in the year ago quarter." Says credible reporting blog Over the years though Samsung has become more involved with the building and manufacturing end of popular consumer electronics, especially where Apple iPhone family is concerned, but they haven't been able to sell their own phones on the same level that Apple has. It's a popular business model in Asia  to seek a vertical monopoly over any given area and based on the years of corporate assassinations we've watched occur, there's evidence that strongly supports Samsung is part of a phone industry takeover. Some would argue the rising popularity of the Apple ... Read more

You have got to see Apple’s new Car Stereo

Apple Carplay The brand new Apple Carplay radio can soon be yours. At $600, the new AppRadio 4 (SPH-DA120) is positioned as the lowest-cost CarPlay system from Pioneer and ships with built-in support for CarPlay and Siri Eyes Free to provide on-dash and hands-free navigation, messaging and more. The AppRadio 4 CarPlay demo is only a minute long, but it shows decent responsiveness of the Apple-driven interface on the receiver's touchscreen display. We've been covering this car stereo for quite some time and our expectations are very high. What can you expect at-a-glance from the Apple Car Play stereo? Bluetooth transmitted music, live streaming and podcasts. Downloadable content and music. Music and phone synchronization, push button speech-to-text functionality and live messaging as well. There's also rumors of a possible face-time function but early conclusions lead us to believe that this feature will not ... Read more

Slo Mo on the iPhone 6

Slo Mo on the iPhone 6 The iPhone 5s gave us Slo Mo video capture, where images are recorded at 120 FPS (Frames Per Second) and then played back at 30 FPS. But now the iPhone 6 offers Super Slo Mo, which captures 240 FPS. This will allow for some incredible action videos. I played with this new feature at my daughter's softball game and was able to analyze her swing and running essentially in real time. This could be a great boon to coaches and athletes, not to mention a lot of fun! Here's how to use it: 1. Select Slo-Mo Mode Open the camera app and swipe to select Slo-Mo mode by bringing it to the center and then tap the red shutter button. 2. Start Recording Early There will be some lag between when you press record and when your iPhone starts recording. ... Read more

Health-Kit for Apple (Now used by doctors)

Health-Kit for Apple Wow, I predicted this in an earlier blog post but I had no idea how quickly this would be deployed and roll out for service. I mean, the iPhone 6 hasn't even hit the shelves yet and almost nobody has iOS8 compared to how many people are using iOS7 still. We picked up a blog post online that indicated teams at Duke and Stanford Universities using the Health-kit app to check in for trials, manage appointments, and provide doctors with health and diet information about their patients. When the iPhone 6 dropped, we announced that one of the awesome new features it has is a barometric pressure sensor and temperature sensor built in. This is going to change the way we do weather in the future because you'll literally be able to poll phones instantly to get info ... Read more
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(iPhone 6 hands on) * SPOILER ALERT *

The brand new generation of iPhones The time is almost upon when Apple holds their yearly conference to divine the secrets of what they've been up to. If you're an avid reader on this site, there shouldn't be many surprises tomorrow for you. Before tomorrow happens however, you might be interested in seeing what this Chinese fellow has  been up to. A few guys have been up to creating a sneak peak detailing the differences between the two phones and you can check it all out here below. If you've been thinking about upgrading, then this video is definitely for you. In fact it may change your opinion entirely about the iPhone 6 or if you're really interested it may help you choose between which model you should own. Don't forget, there's going to be a 4.7" version and a ... Read more

All MOTO 360 are gone!

Moto 360 Smart Watches are all sold out in Google Play The  Moto 360 has been in high demand since it's announcement and release. Even tho very few people can get their hands on it, the orders for it are through the roof. This is great news for the android market as they're competing already with the upcoming iWatch that many people are holding out for. What makes this crazy is the fact that this is looking like the best Android-based smart watch yet and this could be a major rival against the Apple fan boys. Samsung has also released versions of smart watches which are effective and good but not nearly a "complete package" like the Moto 360. Again, great news for Motorola who has basically been decapitated basically since their purchase by Google. You may have a chance to ... Read more

Apple’s own version of Google Wallet & Paypal

Cell Phones are the ultimate Companion It's not hard to see that technology is progressing quickly around us and as it does users keep finding more ways to take advantage of their phones as tools to navigate cyberspace as well as the world around them. In fact since 2013 mobile searches have gone up to make up 46% of online queries online. Compare that to 49% of searches being done from desktop and laptops. Now Apple is shaking up the game in trying to create the most seamless payment transaction network from mobile phones that ever existed. Apple is looking to partner with Nordstrom to create the ultimate mobile phone payment network. Prospects appear to demonstrate the possibilities that you can even approve or validate your identity using the fingerprint sensor just like users do now within the Apple store. ... Read more

They put the iPhone 6 together using spare parts!

The iPhone 6 Assembled This is really exciting news, Apple hasn't even release the iPhone 6 and all the buzz is causing techies and apple geeks to starve in anticipation of the release. Some folks online worked day and night for several months to get ahold of all the parts for the iPhone 6 and finally they have all of them. Check out the video below: Looks like adding the iPhone 6 to our list of cell phone repair in Schaumburg ^.^   unfortunately it looks like this iPhone is only loading up to the boot screen but soon enough we'll have a copy of our own to check. Read more
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