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Cell Phone Store gets robbed

Cell Phone Store Gets Robbed We came across this random video on YouTube and we can't believe our eyes. We've seen so many different kinds of store break-ins caught on camera and even a few in cell phone stores. This one is especially crazy because *spoiler alert* the guy running the store gets into a wrestling match with the robber. You can see quickly at the beginning of the video that the robber pulls out a black bag onto the counter and appears to be instructing the man to quickly hurry up and fill the bag with iPhones or other valuables. They walk around the back for a while and it looks like the owner/representative points to the front of the store and points to the most value being there. They clear out most of the shelves on the left, stuffing ... Read more

Best Buy is the future?

The Future of Tech Shopping If you're a geeks like us when it comes to shopping for technology and you can choose what you want online based on knowing the specs of what you're looking for- you need not read any further. In our world we are the tech 1% that knows what full-duplex and half-duplex mean. We know the difference between 802.11g, 802.11n, and 802.11a. What can be said for our friends who actually have social lives and aren't as invested as us in the tech space? Best Buy appears to have the answers and according to an article from, Best Buy is poised to grow larger in the retail technology sector. Here is the two step approach: 1.)  Create experiences, not sales I remember from my days working at Best Buy (late 2007 - 2010) that management was always pushing ... Read more

Porsche chooses Apple Car Play instead of Android

Porsche and Apple Play come together this year There's no technological reason the 991/2 doesn't have Android Auto playing through its massively upgraded PCM system. But there is an ethical one. As part of the agreement an automaker would have to enter with Google, certain pieces of data must be collected and mailed back to Mountain View, California. Stuff like vehicle speed, throttle position, coolant and oil temp, engine revs—basically Google wants a complete OBD2 dump whenever someone activates Android Auto. Not kosher, says Porsche. The integration of cars and computers are starting to reach an interesting intersection in today's society. Cars will not be coming standard with built-in entertainment systems, navigation tool, Bluetooth synchronization and more. So the big question on everyone's mind is show I get the iPhone car or the Android car? At the end of the day ... Read more

Apple Guided Tours are coming

Apple Guided Tours Just when you thought you've seen it all, Apple wants to take it deeper and farther than you thought before. So what is a guided tour by Apple? They're like micro-interviews that play from your phone or streaming device to give you an insight on a certain topic, band, location, etc. So imagine going into the Museum of Natural History for example and being able to use your phone to navigate through hours of pre-filmed documentaries or audio books without having to engage in additional device rentals or otherwise. Where's Apple going with this? As you might imagine, Apple didn't start out with this idea to help museums (but that is eventually where it will go). In fact, Apple did it to showcase their artists in new exclusive portfolios that will be native to the Apple Music Store and ... Read more

Are imitation phones finally as good as the original?

DHGATE Phone Quality If you've ever spent more than 5 minutes on DHGATE, you've probably seen a huge array of cell phones, tablets, and other professional looking devices. In fact many of them look just like a popular name brand counterpart like iPhone or Samsung but they have slightly different specifications. The real question is, are any of these phones worth it since they come at half the retail price or less? The Pros Of 5 phones we've tested in the store which were meant to be knock-offs from Galaxy phones and LG phones, 5 out of 5 suck. They work, but they suck. The phones will make phone calls without the same quality even though the actual parts are up to spec. We believe the reason for this is because of proprietary software that belongs to the phones that enhance the ... Read more

Is Intel’s Processor Monopoly over?

AMD is releasing an amazing CPU The development wars between AMD and Intel are as old as time. Over the last few years we've seen a lot of divergence between the two manufacturers as they've both been trying to reach different market segments. AMD has seemed to make their focus about delivering graphics performance to a low end market where cost savings and budget consciousness reigned king. The gaming world was let down but Intel did deliver very good performance so as not to throttle the tech world with weak processors. Now we're seeing some new technology from AMD indicating some real contenders for Intel's top of the line processors. In fact they've parted ways with a lot of their old designs and one of the big sellers is a technology SMT which stands for Simultaneous Multi-Threading. SMT permits multiple independent ... Read more

Spotify is Apple’s music streaming service to beat

Spotify has more than 20 million paid subscribers At 20 million paid subscribers, Spotify doubled their paid subscriptions in just one years time. The Wallstreet Journal says that Spotify is now worth half a billion dollars since May of this year. Given Apple's recent announcement to offer music streaming along with subscription services, it looks like Spotify will be the player for them to beat in the market. Given that both services will retail for $10/month each, it will be dangerous for both companies as Apple moves into the market. Speculators do say that Apple has an edge considering the fact that they bought Beats recently and can still use that momentum to drive sales forward. They also have 7 million more tracks than Spotify and what you don't know about Spotify's corporate practice will completely shock you. Apple Music and Spotify ... Read more

This will change photography forever

A company called Microdia is making waves We found out about this company from 9to5mac who apparently found out through CNET. It looks like the company is ramping up a design for a totally unprecedented age of digital storage that will change photography and cell phone usage forever. They're planning to release a 512GB (1/2 terrabyte) MicroSD card in late July. That's right, the same MicroSD card you've been using for your Android smart phones and digital cameras will now support up to 512GB of storage using new design technologies pioneered by the company. This is SD card features the largest capacity we've seen yet on the market, resulting in the largest price tag we've seen on a MicroSD card in a long, long time. The card is expected to retail around the cost of $500. In reality, this is a fairly ... Read more

Google wants to save your batteries by turning off ads

Google is working with Adobe to halt non-critical flash animation This is kind of a unique move from the Google playbook to stop Adobe flash-based animations which are not critical to the central purpose of the website. This is aimed at saving your battery power and increasing the longevity of a single charge. It's a pretty smart idea from that standpoint but will this hurt the advertising experience that drives a lot of the web forward? It certainly looks to be the case. Above you'll notice an option to enable the feature within Google Chrome that would allow those changes to take place. This is the first time we've heard for this update so keep an eye out and let us know your thoughts on how it works for you. Leave your comments below: source: 9to5mac keywords: google chrome, iphone repair in schaumburg Read more

Now that Tiger Direct is gone

Computer Parts in Schaumburg Our beloved Tiger Direct store has closed in Hoffman Estates. What once was a staple for all of us techies in the area has now packed up and moved online (save for their location in Naperville). We will dearly miss Tiger Direct and we hope the company can stay around for a long time yet to come. That said, where can you get your computer and cell phone parts in Schaumburg now. Zombie Techs realizes that lots of technicians, end-users, and consumers will be missing out on electronics which were previously available to them at low prices. With Tiger Direct out of the picture now, Zombie Techs has decided to stock more computer parts and electronics for sale to help out with the demand in the Northwest Suburbs for these kind of components. Right now we're ... Read more
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