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How to use Apple Maps on your Apple Watch

Apple Maps on the Apple Watch Check out this awesome video tutorial (no credit to us) on the functionality or video. The Apple watch is on the forefront of wearable technology with the iWatch. It's changing the way we navigate our world as as the technology develops for it, we'll be here to explain it. cell phone repair in palatine, cell phone repair in rolling meadows, cell phone repair in barrington, cell phone repair in arlington heights Read more

The new “Paypal”… by Apple?

Apple is working with Nordstrom to create an Online Payment Network No, you didn't misread that post. Apple is working with Nordstrom to create an online payment network that all sources believe to be token based. It's going to be an interface similar to paypal and it will function the same way for Apple users. This is another step Apple is taking to bring their users closer together and offer greater advantages to their users that Android users wouldn't have. The service will work well with all of the upcoming accounting and wallet features that will be unique to Apple users (not unlike Google Wallet). Tokenization instead of Interchange Processing? As opposed to credit card processing in the normal way that you think of it, where card #s get routed to the bank along with a unique transaction ID, think about the ... Read more

Apple’s own version of Google Wallet & Paypal

Cell Phones are the ultimate Companion It's not hard to see that technology is progressing quickly around us and as it does users keep finding more ways to take advantage of their phones as tools to navigate cyberspace as well as the world around them. In fact since 2013 mobile searches have gone up to make up 46% of online queries online. Compare that to 49% of searches being done from desktop and laptops. Now Apple is shaking up the game in trying to create the most seamless payment transaction network from mobile phones that ever existed. Apple is looking to partner with Nordstrom to create the ultimate mobile phone payment network. Prospects appear to demonstrate the possibilities that you can even approve or validate your identity using the fingerprint sensor just like users do now within the Apple store. ... Read more

Reversible USB Cables by Apple (Sneak Peak)

Reversible USB Cables by Apple Here's a quick sneak peak at the latest reversible iPhone lightning charger cables by Apple. for all of your needs for cell phone repair in schaumburg, call or stop by our store at 847-348-0264 Read more

Oh no! Notice any similarities?

The new Samsung Galaxy Alpha looks a LOT like something we've seen before. We all know about the patent and copyright battles Apple and Samsung has been fighting for the last few years. As it happens the results actually turn out great for both companies as the attention gets them both an insane amount of sales. Ask yourself however, is Samsung going too far this time? Images released today demonstrate just how similar the Galaxy Alpha is going to look compared to the iPhone 6. Take a look below: Um hello????????? These phones look almost completely identical to each other. Samsung plans to release the Galaxy Alpha phone early next year and it will feature "everything the iPhone 6 has and so much more." What do you think? Does this phone have a shot of making it to the shelves or ... Read more

These 30 photos were taken with what??

30 beautiful photos taken from an iPhone We know technology empowers us on a daily basis but it's hard to appreciate technology for what it is. Times like these will help you remember though that computers and phones are really just more powerful ways to extend our minds and project ourselves onto the world around us. See the pictures below to get an idea of what I mean by that: (Note: we do not own the rights to any of these photos, this article was found at the source below) @djmon1que @adigandhi @aureliagould @basakaytek @chmel @darom77 @datjackelope @dglandon @dinalf @DonScott @ellie_wells @fmcginley8 @Gal0611 @jeremyss @johny_dayvid @kdiangelo @mdl99 @patithibaut @pennijames @phucngo @savadmona @Si_by_Design @stuguest @szklanowski @teresarosas @tom3cki @TracyMitchellGriggs @Trini83 @vijaypalmanit @vollygda Source iphone repair in schaumburg, cell phone repair in schaumburg, ipad repair in schaumburg, cell phone repair in rolling meadows, cell phone repair in hoffman estates, cell phone repair in palatine Read more

Leaked photos of iPhone 6 in packaging

iPhone 6 Packaging This looks like the version that's going to hit the store shelves in the United States and UK in about 2 months. This is presumably going to be the box that the iPhone ships in. Featuring iOS8 and an epic 13 megapixel back camera, this machine is going to be a jaw-dropper. There's also going to be a number of exciting developments with iCloud sharing which we promise to keep you posted on but much of what's out there is smoke and mirrors right now. Contents: Though we can't confirm it yet, we can presume it will include a lightning charger and wall block plus a set of newly designed headphones. An interesting note concerning Apple's new BEATS family line up is that BEATS headphones are not planned to become standard Apple accessories any time in the near future. ... Read more