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iPhone 6 Charging Port Replacement

How To: iPhone 6 Charging Port Replacement Full disclosure: we're not responsible if you attempt this repair on your own and brick your device. That said, this is a cool video about replacing your iPhone 6 microphone. If you find yourself in need of this service, just stop by the Zombie Techs cell phone repair in Schaumburg and save yourself the trouble of attempting this repair on your own. It is more complicated than it looks, but if you're up to the ... Read more

The iPhone 7 will change Instagram forever

iPhone 7 Rumors Earlier this year we reported on a tip that we found online about the iPhone 7 getting a dual-camera set up instead of a single camera like we have seen in the iPhone 6 family of smartphones. The dual-camera option is valuable for a number of reasons. Most importantly the dual-camera setup will allow for approximately 5x optical zoom from a smartphone. This is a huge feat considering that unlike most digital cameras, the iPhone will not have any ... Read more

The Future of Military Robots

The Future of Military Robots Brought to you by The Daily Conversation, a vision of the future robot arms race that all 1st world countries are currently undergoing. South Korea in fact just dumped an $860 sum into a fund for the development of Artificial Intelligence as reported by an article from The basis to spend this money comes on the back of a tournament between a artificial intelligence software called AlphaGo entering into a tournament with the wold champion of ... Read more

Apple is in negotiations with BMW to create Apple cars

Could the Apple car be a BMW? Earlier this year news surfaced about Apple wanting to get into the space of designing autonomous cars. Their goal seemed to be launching a car that becomes the iPod of the car world and it seems they targeted BMW based on their i3 electric car. As it happens right now German magazines reported that negotiations already took place and Apple was interested mainly in the body design and fuel economy considering that it gets about ... Read more