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Apple’s next iMac will get a huge graphics upgrade

Apple's new iMac featuring FinFET If you invested in nVidia at the beginning of this year, you've probably made a sizable return on your investment. The stock prices keep flying upwards to everyone's surprise for both Apple and nVidia. Now news has broken that nVidia is going to introduce never before seen graphics technology that will be the most dramatic upgrade for iMac graphics technology since 2011. The big deal is about nVidia's move to a smaller graphics processing architecture which will allow them to pack more of a punch, fit into smaller profiles, and reduce the amount of heat generated by the graphics processor. An article on reported the partnership between Apple and nVidia for the new iMac graphics processor and based on this information, consumers can expect to see an even thinner body for the iMac. Better ... Read more

iPhone sales to decline for first time in 10 years

iPhone Sales to drop in Q1 wrote an article 2 hours ago reporting on information that points to Apple losing iPhones sales in this quarter citing that the pace of innovation has slowed at Apple. Business Insider reports that LG & Hynix who make parts for Apple are also expected to lose as much as 10% of their revenue. In light of the current turmoil in the stock market, shares could drop even further. News that something was wrong at Apple first caught the attention of Reuters when Taiwan-based iPhone assembly plant Foxconn made a unique move during the holidays. Typically Foxconn ramps up production hours nearing holiday season where as staffing was actually cut this year indicating lower production levels. Foxconn missed their revenue goals for December 2015 further proving lower sales expectations on the part of Apple for ... Read more

Apple and Google Vying for Exclusive Games from Developers With Promotional Perks

A new report from The Wall Street Journal today highlights the increasing competition between Apple and Google to gain exclusive games for their respective iOS and Android platforms. According to the report, both companies have been offering developers promotional perks, such as premium placement on their app store home pages, in exchange for the first rights to a title. For instance, the popular title Cut The Rope 2 was reportedly part of an exclusivity agreement between Apple and and developer ZeptoLab: ZeptoLab's sequel to its popular puzzle game "Cut the Rope”, introduced in December, reflected a similar pattern. The company and Apple agreed to about a three-month window of exclusivity for Apple's App Store, in exchange for the store prominently promoting the game, one person familiar with the matter said. ZeptoLab launched an Android version in late March. The report also notes a promotional agreement between Apple and ... Read more