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Apple’s new OS for Apple Watch

Apple Watch OS 2.2 Above you'll see a video going into some of the changes we can expect to see for upcoming Apple Watches through their new software update. A few notable changes are that the new update will allow you to pair multiple Apple watches simultaneously. There are new options for the Maps features that make the watch easier to use. There is also a "Nearby" feature in maps that allows you to pull up a list of locations around you based on categories like "Food, Drinks, Nightlife, and Travel." Pricing Apple has also dropped the pricing for the Apple Watch down to a starting price of $299 for the 38mm and $349 for the 42mm. This move is seen by some as attempt to gain more of the wearables market-share where companies like Fitbit have seen more popularity. To boost the watch's likability ... Read more

Your Apple Watch may soon dial 911 if you have a heart attack

Apple is working on a patent for 911 calls in case of a heart attack An article on 9t05mac points to a discovery that Apple has filed a patent that would cover non-specific electronic monitoring devices to call out to 911 in case of a health emergency. It's what they call a "care event" in the legal language propping up their patent. Here's how they define care event: Care events may include a car crash, a bike accident, a medical emergency such as a heart attack or an aneurysm, separation of a child from the child’s caregiver, a dementia patient becoming lost, an avalanche, a fall, a mugging, a fire, and/or any other event for which a user may require medical, police, family, fire rescue, and/or other kind of assistance. Apple's current electronic devices like the Apple Watch are already well poised for ... Read more

The future of smartwatches

2015 Was the year of the Smart Watch No doubt that 2015 was a big year for tech wearables. It was the year we were introduced to the Apple Watch and the more popular line of Fitbit watches. I personally use a Fitbit HR every day to keep an eye on my heart rate, calories, and steps. It seems like tech wearables are the latest craze. Pebble, which has been a cheap smartwatch that really only told time is majorly stepping up their game so as not to be left behind by the emerging big dogs. To our knowledge there's tons of smartwatches, and we found a great website for you to look at them all. What's new for 2016 Payment All smartwatches are adopting NEC-based payment systems. The idea is to create an environment whereby your watch is used to pay for ... Read more

Apple estimated to sell 4 million watches

Apple Watch is the second most popular wearable Taken from an article at, Apple is poised to deliver on 3.9 million orders of their new digital wearable: the Apple Watch. This is a slight increase from the last quarter, but Apple is still behind Fitbit in terms of popularity for fitness wearables and there are a lot of reasons for this. The first issue working against the Apple watch is that the battery life is slow, and the economy of apps built for the Apple Watch continues to receive poor marks in usability compared to the ease of use that Apple products like the iPhone are known for. In addition to that, the Fitbit is a wonderful piece of hardware backed by great software and the functionality is bar-none. Fibit is currently the leader in popularity for fitness wearables ... Read more

Try on an Apple iWatch at the Apple Store

Apple's Retail strategy is to get you to try on the Apple Watch Thinking about getting an Apple Watch? Why not spend 15 minutes at an in-store location near you. You can even call in ahead to set up an appointment to try on a particular model and have its functions explained to you by an in-house Apple Genius or Representative. Be sure to check out the accessories while you're there. source keywords: iphone repair in schaumburg, iphone repair in hoffman estates, iphone repair in rolling meadows Read more