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Apple estimated to sell 4 million watches

Apple Watch is the second most popular wearable Taken from an article at, Apple is poised to deliver on 3.9 million orders of their new digital wearable: the Apple Watch. This is a slight increase from the last quarter, but Apple is still behind Fitbit in terms of popularity for fitness wearables and there are a lot of reasons for this. The first issue working against the Apple watch is that the battery life is slow, and the economy of apps ... Read more

The Greatest innovation in Wireless Internet: A death-match for the future.

Facebook and Project Aquila What do you do when you have more money than you can possibly need in your lifetime? You benefit the world according to Mark Zuckerberg. According to a break in the New York times, we've learned that Facebook is building a wireless network that will change the earth forever. They'll be using solar powered UAVs to deliver internet broadband to the United States. Facebook has pioneered the development of drones which have a wingspan of a commercial jet ... Read more

Pokemon and Super Mario to App Store

You could soon be trading Pokemon on your Smart Phone Nintendo announced on Tuesday that it has partnered with Japanese mobile game maker DeNA to jointly develop games for smartphones, tablets and PCs, meaning that new titles based on iconic franchises such as Mario, Pokemon and Zelda could soon be available on devices such as iPhone, iPad and Mac. Nintendo will purchase a 10% stake in DeNA for $182 million as part of a cross-shareholding deal, according to The Wall Street Journal. source Why ... Read more

Are you getting the Apple Watch?

Are you getting the Apple Watch? You'll have to decide soon because Apple will begin shipping the Apple Watch in March. In addition to that we will see the unveiling of Apple's brand new 12-inch MacBook Air during this quarter. Analyts have predicted over 61 million units shipped will need to be shipped to meet the market demand for Apple watches while iPad shipments are expected to total to approximately 10 million units in comparison. We're anticipating a conference or statement from Apple that will reveal more ... Read more

Just a game? Or a cash cow. How much do developers make from smart phone Games?

Ever heard of Monument Valley? Ustwo, the developers behind the hit game Monument Valley today published a detailed infographic that gives a rare inside look at what it takes to develop an ultra popular game and the rewards developers can reap from creating an app that soars to the top of the App Store charts. For those unfamiliar, Monument Valley is a highly popular indie puzzle game that asks players to lead the main character through a series of mazes spanning 10 separate ... Read more

Refurbished 5k iMac’s now avaiable online

Refurbished 5k iMac's now avaiable online! Apple recently started selling the 27-Inch iMac With Retina 5K Display in the refurbished section of its online store, as first noticed by MacGeneration and 9to5Mac. These refurbished models offer customers the chance to save up to 15 percent off the retail price of a brand new model. retina-imac-refurbished Several 27-inch Retina iMac models are available, including the entry-level model which is availablee for $2119 and includes a 3.5GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of memory ... Read more

You wont’ believe what Hyundai and Apple just did

Apple CarPlay is coming to Hyundai Hyundai confirmed today that they'll be incorporating the highest anticipated touch based car audio and nav system ever in a historic partnership with Apple by featuring CarPlay in 2016. If you've been following our blog you know that CarPlay is a fully adaptive touch screen platform. Carplay works independently but can also be synced easily and quickly with your Apple family devices to bring you a seamless synergistic experience. See the picture below to get a ... Read more

Apple officially welcomes Beats to the family

Beats by Apple welcomed to their new home Everybody has heard about Apple acquiring Beats for almost $4 billion dollars which is easily one of the largest acquisitions Apple has made.. ever. That said it was a statement about the company's dedication to arts and music but also a very clever marketing scheme. Several business professionals including a friend of our company who runs Blue Code has said that "It's Apple's way of making a splash so big that everyone will notice." ... Read more

Turning Macbooks into Tablets, how one company shakes up the game

Modbook turns Macbooks into Tablets Modbook, the organization with past offering pen-based Mac tablets takes advantage of the internals of Apple's notebook computers, is announcing a brand new Kickstarter campaign right now to offer the launch of the new Modbook Professional X in line with the 15-inch Retina Mac laptop Professional. The hundred plus thousand dollar project  allows customers to send in their very own macbook's for a full tablet conversion starting at $1999 or reserve completely new prebuilt systems from Modbook ... Read more

Finally! A Mac Mini rumor

New Mac Mini 2014 Get this, Apple support page on Boot Camp got some updates last night and they made reference to a mid-2014 Mac mini, suggesting that their little desktop is getting a revamped face and body.9to5Mac found a cached online copy of the troubleshooting page yesterday and in their update also referenced the 2014 low-cost iMac and 2014 MacBook Airs. There is a possibility that the mention of the mid-2014 Mac mini could be a mistake, but without any major updates in 2 years, the machine is wayyyyyyyyyy overdue ... Read more
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