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PC Laptop & Computer Repair

Computer Repair Schaumburg

computer repair in schaumburgZombie Techs computer repair in Schaumburg was founded in 2010 to bring innovative technical minds together and offer in-house computer repair & service to folks who needed help in Schaumburg. Today we’re still the same company with the same great service we’ve always been, only we can repair more machines now than ever before. Most computer & pc laptop repair services can be done same day with parts on hand. Call or stop by for a free consultation on your next computer or pc laptop repair. When you visit our store, you deal directly with friendly technical professionals who personally handle 5-10 electronics repairs a day.

Common Repairs:

• Laptop lcd screen replacement
• laptop motherboard repair
• power and overheating issues
• graphics card replacment and upgrades
• virus removal and operating system repair
• operating system installation or re-installation
• custom-desktop computers for business or gaming
• hard drive replacement
• data recovery
• circuit level motherboard repair
• solid-state disk upgrades
• power supply testing and replacement

Reviews from local customers in Schaumburg

Good knowledgeable guys – can repair or recover and device including iPhone, which they repaired display on my iphone for almost nothing, and computers. I recommend these guys over Apple Store – no wait at Zombie Tech and no Genius bar silliness having to see three to five different people.

Mickey Weldon on Google – March 2016

I was building my computer for the first time and had unknowingly ordered defective parts. Cameron was able to diagnose my issue (defective motherboard and memory stick) and give me this information very quickly. I ordered the new parts and Cameron was able to put together the parts that I had issues with at a moment’s notice and even install windows 10. Very Quick, affordable service that goes above and beyond. Even calling me to ask how the machine was running. I highly recommend Zombie Techs Computer Repair for anyone with computer issues.
Kurtis Dankert on Google – August 2015
zombie techs computer and cell phone repair schaumburg

Computers running Eurosoft PC-Check diagnostic testing software.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Q: I don’t know what’s wrong with my computer, can I bring it in?
    • Yes, many times people come in for help when their computers and laptops are behaving strangely. At Zombie Techs, our expert technicians have a wealth of experience in diagnosing computer and pc repair issues. Moreover, we use the highest standard testing software made by Eurosoft called PC-Check. This software helps us run signals through all the major pc components and isolate the problem. Using rigorous diagnostic testing helps our technicians pin-point the problem rather than taking guesses like other repair shops.
  • How long does it take to repair a computer?
    • Most repairs can be performed in 1 day’s time. If a part needs to be replaced, we have to order it in. If we have all of the parts and tools in stock however (like we do with iPhones, iPads, and other smart devices), then most repairs can be done same day.
  • Can you help me build a computer for my home or office?
    • Yes, the technicians at Zombie Techs have been making custom computers for business & personal use for over 6 years. If you know what parts you want or have them on hand, you can bring your components in to have the PC assembled for just $100 including the installation of an operating system. If you have a budget in mind but have not bought parts yet, come see any technician at Zombie Techs for a free quote on what parts to order and what it would cost to assemble a gaming PC or desktop.
  • Are appointments required?
    • No, Zombie Techs does not require any customers to make appointments for computer or cell phone repair services. PC Laptops and smartphones are dropped off in our store on a daily basis for repair. Our agents are standing by and waiting to help with any of your computer and cell phone repair needs.
  • Do the Zombie Techs come on-site to do computer work?
    • No, Zombie Techs performs all of its computer and cell phone repairs at our Schaumburg location in-store.
  • Do the Zombie Techs work on just pc computer and laptops?
    • Besides the fact that we work on all popular PC & Laptop computers, the Zombie Techs also repair cell phones and smartphones throughout the day. Since 2010 we have become experts in iPhone and Samsung repair throughout Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, Palatine, and Rolling Meadows.

iphone repair schaumburg

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