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Oh no! Notice any similarities?

The new Samsung Galaxy Alpha looks a LOT like something we’ve seen before.

We all know about the patent and copyright battles Apple and Samsung has been fighting for the last few years. As it happens the results actually turn out great for both companies as the attention gets them both an insane amount of sales. Ask yourself however, is Samsung going too far this time? Images released today demonstrate just how similar the Galaxy Alpha is going to look compared to the iPhone 6. Take a look below:

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Um hello????????? These phones look almost completely identical to each other. Samsung plans to release the Galaxy Alpha phone early next year and it will feature “everything the iPhone 6 has and so much more.” What do you think? Does this phone have a shot of making it to the shelves or will the company once again be brought to their knees in court. Either way, this changes the world of cell phone repair forever. Leave your comments and suggestions below:

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