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Are you ready for 5G Networks? What is 5G and why is it important? You might be enjoying or loving your wireless 4G service right now. In fact you might even be using it right now to connect to this website. But in the near future, namely 2017, 5G will fundamentally change what is possible to do with wireless internet. Besides some of the obvious benefits of having faster speed, what can we expect when Verizon & AT&T become the first carriers on the planet to offer 5G service to their customers? The first thing to know is that 5G will offer way connection speeds than 4G. Right now it takes between 75-100 milliseconds to connect your phone to an online server just to make a request for information. That means each time you're opening the mail app on your iPhone over a 4G network, it ... Read more

Big money is about to flood the App Store

Big money is about to flood the App Store And nothing will be the same again. Monetizing a site can be done in a number of different ways, but monetizing a search engine can only be done in one way... stuff it with ads and paid searches. There was a time when Google used to be free and everything under the sun was searchable. Since science and advertising have taken their biggest ever leaps in history however, Google decided to open up something called Adwords. Thought Adwords users can now pay per clicks and competitors can blast your ads all day long to rip money out of your pockets and feed the great search engine giant. You might have even found our site by clicking on one of our Adwords listings for cell phone repair in Schaumburg. Apple is about ... Read more

Apple wants to help you get LIVE news

Apple TV is going to have a live access feature now. The new feature is called "Live Tune-in" and it's designed to get you special access to live news and entertainment events. Part of Steve Job's vision was a more connected world that involves unifying users into a whole new platform or experience. The new Apple TV is designed to enhance usability and get users plugged in to share live events, like last night's democratic debates in New York for example. The TV will also be able to be used for things like Disney Entertainment and Apple also has the technology to allow streaming on multiple devices in the near future. How do you use Live Tune In? The controls are pretty easy. You just have to speak into your Siri remote and say "Watch CBS" or "Watch ESPN." Though other's have ... Read more

Cell Phone Store gets robbed

Cell Phone Store Gets Robbed We came across this random video on YouTube and we can't believe our eyes. We've seen so many different kinds of store break-ins caught on camera and even a few in cell phone stores. This one is especially crazy because *spoiler alert* the guy running the store gets into a wrestling match with the robber. You can see quickly at the beginning of the video that the robber pulls out a black bag onto the counter and appears to be instructing the man to quickly hurry up and fill the bag with iPhones or other valuables. They walk around the back for a while and it looks like the owner/representative points to the front of the store and points to the most value being there. They clear out most of the shelves on the left, stuffing ... Read more

They’re calling it the best LCD display on any tablet

DisplayMate is in love with the iPad Pro For those who don't know, DisplayMate is a corporation built around evaluating and determining what should be the standards of excellence for image and picture quality. As it happens, they're in love with the new iPad Pro and say that the marks of a great tablet are "truly innovative and top performing displays." The iPad Pro even beats out top competitor displays like the Samsung Galaxy tablets (yes, all of them) and the Microsoft Surface tablet family. The iPad pro comes in 2 versions, a 9.7 inch display and a 12.9 inch display. This article will cover some of the comparisons between the iPad Pro 9.7-inch display and the iPad Air 2. What makes the iPad Pro so special? The iPad Pro is special because it takes advantage of technologies which consumers might expect ... Read more

Apple’s next iMac will get a huge graphics upgrade

Apple's new iMac featuring FinFET If you invested in nVidia at the beginning of this year, you've probably made a sizable return on your investment. The stock prices keep flying upwards to everyone's surprise for both Apple and nVidia. Now news has broken that nVidia is going to introduce never before seen graphics technology that will be the most dramatic upgrade for iMac graphics technology since 2011. The big deal is about nVidia's move to a smaller graphics processing architecture which will allow them to pack more of a punch, fit into smaller profiles, and reduce the amount of heat generated by the graphics processor. An article on reported the partnership between Apple and nVidia for the new iMac graphics processor and based on this information, consumers can expect to see an even thinner body for the iMac. Better ... Read more

(Sneak peek) The iPhone 7 will have Curved Screen like Samsung

iPhone 7 Curved Glass Screen Just when it looked like Apple was going to innovate something new and exciting, they jumped into the curved glass screen market. Samsung made the biggest waves with their curved glass screens like we saw in the Galaxy Edge series of phones. According to an article on, it looks like the 2017 iPhone is going to more closely resemble the iPhone 4 generation of phones. KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports that Apple is "Seeking to move away from the metal casing designs that are no longer unique, Apple will reportedly take the glass-backed design used for the iPhone 4 and 4s 'to the next level' in building the 2017 iPhone." A curved screen would dramatically affect the way companies perform iPhone repair in Hoffman Estates. Larger or smaller than the iPhone 6? The new 2017 ... Read more

How to BLOCK all political content on iPhone (share)

Blocking Political Content on Safari Politics can make you angry, fearful, and cause you to lose touch with your inner rhythm. For that reason and more Safari has done a great thing for us and cast a built-in tool within Safari that allows you turn political content on and off at will. It's referred to as a "Politics Filter" by the writers at Addictive Tips. You might need to turn this on before the next political debate. You'll need iOS9 in order to take advantage. Just jump into your SETTINGS icon and then choose Safari. Then check out these pictures below for a reference. Now if we could just get a similar option for Facebook. cell phone repair schaumburg Read more

The future of smartwatches

2015 Was the year of the Smart Watch No doubt that 2015 was a big year for tech wearables. It was the year we were introduced to the Apple Watch and the more popular line of Fitbit watches. I personally use a Fitbit HR every day to keep an eye on my heart rate, calories, and steps. It seems like tech wearables are the latest craze. Pebble, which has been a cheap smartwatch that really only told time is majorly stepping up their game so as not to be left behind by the emerging big dogs. To our knowledge there's tons of smartwatches, and we found a great website for you to look at them all. What's new for 2016 Payment All smartwatches are adopting NEC-based payment systems. The idea is to create an environment whereby your watch is used to pay for ... Read more

Play Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1 on your Macbook

Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1 on your Macbook Open Emu is a game emulator that allows you to play all of your favorite classic games on your Macbook. Open Emu is only for OSX and features an iTunes style interface that allows you to jump in and enjoy all your favorite old school games. Here's a list of supported systems from Open Emu: - Atari 5200 - Atari 7800 - Atari Lynx - ColecoVision - Famicom Disk System - Intellivision - Nintendo 64 - Odyssey²/Videopac+ - PC-FX - SG-1000 - Sega CD - Sony PSP - Sony PlayStation 1 - TurboGrafx-CD/PCE-CD - Vectrex - WonderSwan Open Emu allows you to have multiple games open at the same time and will even allow you to save your progress in each game to bring home the full old-school value. Open Emu started back in ... Read more
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