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The future of PC Laptops looks Amazing

Laptops are transforming before our eyes (Literally) Every year there's a huge conference for all the big dog PC companies in the best place you've never heard of, Taipei. HP, Dell, Asus, and all the other members of the PC family get together and mostly determine how they're going to come closer to developing the almighty "Macbook Killler" the same way you might expect mobile phone providers do to compete with the iPhone. This years products have gathered to exhibit small profile tablet/laptop hybrids, face detecting laptops, 4k screens and so much more. Here are the results! ASUS Transformer Book T100HA Wow, this laptop looks amazing at first glance. This is one of Asus most successful products in years which is similar to the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. It's a full on touch screen tablet with Windows pre-installed on it featuring a ... Read more

MINT for your iPhone and why you should use it

Mint - by Intuit In a modern America, managing your finances means everything for your personal survival and can greatly influence how you experience life and impact those closest to you. Money is simple the common denominator for the exchange of goods but how do you control it with so many daily charges, expenses, and temptations? Practice good personal financial planning using or Mint for your iPhone/Android phone. What does Mint do? Mint allows you to take an iPhone or Android phone and organize all of your bank account, loan info, stocks, and many more things all into one self-updating account that can help you visualize your spending habits, control your budgets, and plan for the future. Mint comes packed with helpful tips on how to upgrade to credit cards or  bank/credit union accounts that would give you preferential advantages ... Read more

You’re paying too much for electronics! 5 Awesome Deal sites you’ve never heard of.

Never overpay for Electronics Again! We all love technology and everybody wants to have the latest and greatest right? There's nothing like unboxing a first of it's kind iPhone or graphics card for your PC but you have to ask yourself, are you overpaying for technology? If you're like most people, you buy it when you want it, not when the cost becomes reasonable. Here's a few websites you can use to beat the retail game and pocket yourself some awesome gear for cheap. Check it out: Check it out, gotApex has been around forever and yet nobody knows about it? It's one of those hidden gems in vast online world that you may never come across and yet they find deals on everything! You can save yourself a lot of money and Apple products, high end PCs and Laptops as ... Read more

REVIEW: nVidia GTX 680 OC

When it comes to graphics cards for gaming, few can argue the nVidia hasn't dominated the arena for the last few years. Their cards keeping coming out bigger and stronger than previous generations and the development of their CUDA core smashes processing and compressing at unprecedented levels. All-in-all, it's been the best bang for the buck. The GTX 680 has over 1500 CUDA cores making your game play and video rendering experience and absolute blast. Whether you're playing games which don't require huge video card output like World of Warplanes or you're blowing through something intense like rendering entire MMORPG games, the GTX 680 was built versatile enough to handle a broad spectrum of loads. I personally use it to run 4 monitors in extended desktop as well as a number of different games like Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Online, Need for Speed, ... Read more

Custom Computer Build for Cheaper Than You Think

When it comes to compute repair in Schaumburg, there's no better place to go than the Zombies; but did you also know we build custom gaming computers? Come by the shop and pick out your parts and we will assemble the custom computer you've always wanted. You can also bring your budget to us and we'll come up with the best design for what you're looking for to come in under budget. If you're in the market for parts soon, you might want to check this out- the following build offers great gaming power and versatile processing performance while remaining affordable and effective:   GA-B85-HD3 Motherboard                   INTEL i5 4670 Socket 1150 CPU                 nVidia GTX 650         ... Read more