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Are lightning headphones headphones worth it? The iPhone 7 will have no headphone jack Yes it's true, the iPhone 7 will not be featuring a headphone jack. We've made numerous reports about the subject so far as we eagerly anticipate the release of the iPhone 7. So what will the future look like with out our trusty 3.5mm jack technology? The future of headphone audio is the lightning port. Apple wants manufacturers to stand behind them in creating a digital music interface that will work off of the lightning port ... Read more

Leaked: iPhone 7 Schematics confirm rumors.

Leaked Schematics of the iPhone 7 The iPhone 7 is still a few months out from release, but reports have surfaced recently that show schematics for the new iPhone 7 and we're finally getting a taste. Take a look below: What's new with the iPhone 7? The schematics taht we found on reveal that the iPhone 7 will use the exact same dimensions as the iPhone 6 series of phones as far as width is concerned. Rumors have also been fluttering around the web ... Read more

Walt Mossberg goes back through time with Apple

Walt Mossberg covers 40 years of Apple Sit down with Walt Mossberg to cover Apple's evolution over the last 40 years. Walt starts by saying that Apple is quite possibly the most influential technology ever invented. He begins the video by covering some of the oldest Apple devices including the keyboard, the first Apple computers, and the iPod. One key observation to note is that Apple throughout time has always opted for simplified connectivity, but Apple is really behind so much more ... Read more

Apple code reveals plans for next iOS update

Apple is giving users a Trash Can Yes, it's been a long time coming. Based on reports found on AppAdvice, Apple has installed some preliminary code in their last update which will probably be completed in the next Apple software upgrade for iDevices. The picture below demonstrates that Apple will soon allow users to delete native iPhone apps that people prefer not to use. An example of this is the Game Center app for iPhone and iPad. It is unlikely that all ... Read more

You’ll get bluetooth ear buds when you buy the iPhone 7

Apple is working on wireless Bluetooth earbuds for the iPhone 7 Rumors are buzzing today as rumors develop around the earbuds for the iPhone 7. As you know Apple includes a set of earphones along with each iPhone going all the way back to their flag ship product. In fact Apple has been including headphones since the age of the iPod. A developing round-up on points to probability that Apple is developing a new set of wireless earbuds that could look like ... Read more

Hands on with the new iPhone SE, should you buy it?

Hands on with the iPhone SE Thanks to an awesome video by The Verge found on macrumors. com, we get a preview of the functionality on the new iPhone SE. The most noticeable quality for people who handle iPhones all day is that the new iPhone SE looks just like the iPhone 5 family of phones. According to reports last year when we first picked up on the iPhone SE project, screens were moving to larger sizes in the smartphone world. While ... Read more

The iPhone 7 will change Instagram forever

iPhone 7 Rumors Earlier this year we reported on a tip that we found online about the iPhone 7 getting a dual-camera set up instead of a single camera like we have seen in the iPhone 6 family of smartphones. The dual-camera option is valuable for a number of reasons. Most importantly the dual-camera setup will allow for approximately 5x optical zoom from a smartphone. This is a huge feat considering that unlike most digital cameras, the iPhone will not have any ... Read more

Apple’s new OS for Apple Watch

Apple Watch OS 2.2 Above you'll see a video going into some of the changes we can expect to see for upcoming Apple Watches through their new software update. A few notable changes are that the new update will allow you to pair multiple Apple watches simultaneously. There are new options for the Maps features that make the watch easier to use. There is also a "Nearby" feature in maps that allows you to pull up a list of locations around you based on ... Read more

Pastbook (instant Facebook slideshows)

Pastbook allows you to create slideshows of your past Facebook has been introducing a new functionality based on an app called Timehop that brings up your photos from each previous year on a given date. Pastbook is built on that premise and allows you to relive your previous year based on the selection of your choosing. All you have to do is choose whether you want to review a past year for your Facebook or Instagram account. It takes only a minute to sign ... Read more

The Future of Military Robots

The Future of Military Robots Brought to you by The Daily Conversation, a vision of the future robot arms race that all 1st world countries are currently undergoing. South Korea in fact just dumped an $860 sum into a fund for the development of Artificial Intelligence as reported by an article from The basis to spend this money comes on the back of a tournament between a artificial intelligence software called AlphaGo entering into a tournament with the wold champion of ... Read more
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